Tackled the unknown! first BIG hill!! :)

Tackled the unknown! first BIG hill!! :)

Well i will confess that in my 20 weeks since starting running i have never really tackled a proper hill :( Don't like them much and avoid if poss, but i noticed when driving home the other night that there is pavement/footpath all the way from Apse Heath to Lake, and this would be a good challenge to set myself! Not too far, can get there straight from home......... and so i have just got back from my first go ! The only downside is negotiating the traffic on the 2 roundabouts, but once that was done was away! Have cycled up this hill a few times and its never been pleasant( asked my OH who's a fit cyclist to describe it just now and he said "Not Nice" so i guess that makes me feel better! )

Well i made it to the top! its not mega steep but a longish climb then flat to the end of the route. By this time i had to sit on bench for 2 mins to get my breath back and eat jelly beans! then back off on the flat then down the hill(Lovely!) with a gentle breeze on what is quite a muggy day here, the sun just peeping out! Felt quite pleased as the hill looks steeper on the way back so a good achievement for me, and enjoyed the countryside views that i couldn't see on the way up! the total was 3.9km 25.03 mins, average pace 6.24 so feeling deserving of a nice lunch now, then an afternoon of gardening planned for my last day off of 5 day hols :( ......... back to work tomorrow!

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

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  • Great work aliboo! And for a cyclist to say 'Not nice' says quite a lot!

    I held off hills/slopes for a loooooong time before I braved the not too steep but long gradient I loved running down...and then only got a short way! Now, I can get up it and some other short steep ones...well, not with ease... but I can get up them!

    One way to crack them is to run up so far, then halfway back down, up further, back down and so on, until you get to the top. Do that a few times and eventually you do it it one!

  • Thats good advice thankyou! I haven't cycled it for a while but remember thinking "can't give up" when i last did, so applied the same to the running! feeling ok so off to tackle the gardening now! :) and washing up :(

  • thanks Kitty Kat, it actually wasn't SO bad, will try it again i reckon. Read jelly beans are good for a running boost, got some veggie ones in Holland and Barrett, they are v yummy, store them in an empty tic tac box so sometimes a bit rattly!! Except when i get really hot then they melt together(in waistband pocket!) I have a good route to try near my dads soon, its got a bit of a hill and lovely views! :)

  • Well done Aliboo, hills are a bit of a nasty aren't they! Anyway it is all good training, so I hope you reap the rewards one day! You deserved that nice lunch- don't overdo things in the garden x

  • Can feel my stomach muscles working!! they are a bit achy now! And ventured out in vest and capri pants, have a new pnone holder for music thats like a bum bag and covers remainder of jelly belly, though its definitely getting better! :) ended up with quick lunch, but had macaroni cheese with leeks just now! :) Have potted up my seedlings! am proud owner of what seems like hundreds! and started the mammoth weeding task!

    .............. toffee apple sponge pud in a min as Friday treat! :)

  • Well done Aliboo. That sounds like a significant mental and physical battle won. Be proud! Hope return to work not too awful. X

  • Thanks Jaqs!! yes am pleased with today! Saturdays at work not too bad, no big bosses/ office staff so usually quite pleasant! :)

  • Well done!!! Very tiring them there hills! Bet you feel brilliant for it though xxx

    S X

  • thanks mustgetthin! feeling ok at mo but might be zonked out in hour or so!!? different aches that normal! My stomach muscles getting a work out!! :)

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