A couple of little tears for C25K yesterday

Yesterday, I managed to complete my second Half Marathon and surprised myself with an under 2hours 30 mins finish. I did this with 10,000 other runners and then watched the full Marathon race with another 6000 runners.

My teary moment happened when I watched a good parkrun friend and neighbour complete her first marathon in 5 hours 30 minutes - but she did it pushing her best friend (who has Motor Neurone disease MND) in a wheelchair . When they entered the final finish chute , she stopped running, helped him out of the wheelchair and they both walked the final distance across the blue carpet to the finish line hand in hand. Before this, I had witnessed the two lead runners - racing side by side to the finish in a near record 2hours 8 minutes, and also the slower runners, some of who collapsed in the final moments, only to be assisted to cross the line - and the SCREAMS of support given to ALL the runners regardless of how slowly they did it.

But my tears were not just for my friend with her friend - they were for me !. Because here I was , 3 short years after starting C25K at age 67, mixing with these wonderful new friends /runners , most of whom I have never met and never will, enjoying life and living it as fully as possible.



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  • What a humbling and awesome day :)

    Congratulations on your time- fabulous!

    I'm still only a few months on from graduation so I love hearing that people keep going.

    C25k really is an awesome programme, it can make anyone a runner! Makes you wonder how things would be if you hadn't started it.

    Now you've done two halves are you aiming for a full one?!

  • I have said that I simply don't have what it takes to do a marathon - but I will have a bit of a rethinkover the next 6 months. I am thinking now that I have raced on too far and too fast after C25K - we all mostly do it , we do a few 30 minute non-stop runs (which was the ultimate goal of C25K) and then want to run further and faster. Well - I have run further and faster - but I am now thinking of going back to the end of C25K ) and those 30 minute runs, with my heart rate monitor, and starting all over again from that point. This time not looking at paces and or distances, but only look at heart rates and time spent on feet!!!!

  • Great great post, Bazza. Sounds like an amazing day spent with amazing people. No wonder you were feeling emotional at the end. Also. wise words about our drive to run further and faster the moment we graduate: food for thought indeed.

    Well done m'dear, you did something amazing :) :)

  • You have an amazing journey behind you Bazza1234 and have achieved such a lot. Thanks for your inspiration, it shows you're never too "old" to start running. Whatever you choose to do I think you'll achieve it!

  • Well done Bazza ! What an amazing achievement and sounds like a really moving and inspiring day. Huge congratulations to you! Hope you can rest up well todayโ˜บ

  • That's brought a tear to my eye too... Gorgeous post Bazza, you are an absolute inspiration here :)

  • That's amazing bazza congratulations to you, I looked on your link the other day and it looks like a brilliant event! So lovely that it was such a supportive event with everyone cheering each other on! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like a very memorable day ๐Ÿ‘

  • Wow amazing.. Bought a tear to my eye reading that. Well done :-)

  • Super post. Moments like that are simply priceless.

    How far you have travelled on your journey since C25K. Wonderful.

    I completed C25K barely eight months ago; I ran the 30 mins and 5K, and was so determined I would not increase speed or distance, but as you say, it happens! With me, the changes are slow and erratic,( and fun) ,as I really have no intention or running in a half Marathon or any other race; I am running as the mood take me and focusing on different aspects of my runs.

    Your journey is exciting and inspiring and for us more mature runners, so encouraging!

    Looking forward to see where your path goes from here!

  • Lovely post and obviously a proud and emotional day for you and your friends and neighbours. It really does illustrate how far you can go with this programme if you are considering a marathon too. All the best with the running.

  • Goosebumps

  • What a fantastic achievement and experience Bazza.

    I'm not surprised you found it emotional- it made me well up just to read it.

    I've always been inspired by your exploits - not enough to tackle this distance though!

  • Well done Bazza, you sentimental little flower.

  • What a day Bazza.

    One to remember. Inspiring - Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh Baz! Sniffling here like an old fool. Well done, well done, blummin well done you. It's great innit. Never stop! Taking inspiration from other runners, many facing such odds, is really wonderful

    I think the thought of always taking that 'next run' will keep us going don't you

  • What a lovely post xxxx

  • Lovely uplifting, heartwarming post , Bazza

    Fair warmed mi' cockles that !

    Well done on your HM , that's really brilliant , what a time too , fab ! :-) xxx

  • Lovely Bazza.

  • Strange how something as simple as running can make such changes in our lives. Thanks for this post Bazza. Made me sit and contemplate my own journey and how my running has built relationships with fellow runners (off-line and on-line).

  • A great post, thank you!

  • Well done Bazza, what a great achievement. And what a day..x

  • That's a wonderful image - your friend pushing the wheelchair across the finish, and you big softie welling up.

  • I'm late to the party, but that's brilliant, Bazza.

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