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Hi - I am a female of 52, I am a member of WW and so far have lost 11lbs, I have also recently started going to the gym. I have heard about the NHS Couch to 5K and thought I would give it a go. I have ordered a pair of running trainers as the ones I use for the gym (even tho Reebok) do not offer much support. When I have been taking out my Rottie I have tried having a bit of a jog, I have found my ankles hurt and feel as if my weight is pounding into my knees, not to mention getting into a panic over not being able to breathe. Does anyone have any advice as to what I could do to support my knees and ankles, I did have to stop going to my previous gym due to my knees and went to physio, I am unable to kneel due to pressure on my knees and sometimes need to wear knee straps......Apart from this, I am determined to start the programme as soon as my trainers have arrives, hopefully they will offer the support I need to keep me going and I will look to the blogs for motivation.....Will update as soon as I am on my way!


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  • I'd say 2 things, first every little helps, second don't over do it. What seems to have worked for me was altering the programme so that for the first 2 weeks I only ran for 30 seconds and walked for 60 seconds, then the second 2 weeks 45/90. Now I'm on the programme proper, but even so I intend to keep doing each "week" as a 2 week stage. So far so good, ankles no longer hurt and the shin splints have gone. Don't forget to do your stretches after each run, there's an excellant post by Greg_M on that couchto5k.healthunlocked.co...

    I started the plan 66lbs overweight, so far I've lost 9lbs and I keep happily pounding it away ;-)

    It's a good idea to go to a proper running shop for your shoes, not sports direct, they can do great things with cameras and computers. I have to say I thought they'd laugh when I went in to sweat shop in Nottingham, but they were great :-)

  • I echo the first comment - go to a proper running shoe specialist. I suffer from plantar fasciitis which made running very painful on occasion.

    My second tip would be to get some sport orthotic inserts for your running shoes (Boots sell them). Even specially selected shoes would benefit from having orthotics in them.

    Good luck!!

  • Well done for starting to plan. I really suffered with my knees when I started, so can sympathise. As the others mentioned, getting the right running shoes from a specialist shop that does gait analysis is the vital. If you find running too strenuous to start then power walk for 60 secs then walk 90 secs etc. After your power walk or run do your stretches. If you have aches in your knees ice pack (a bag of frozen peas wrapped in a tea towel is fine) for 10 mins every 2 hours and take ibuprofen (if you can-this doesn't suit everyone) with food or after you have eaten as it can be nasty on the stomach linng.

    Your body will adapt to running gradually just don't do too much too soon. Hope this helps.


  • Apart from being 8 years older (nearly 60) I could have written this post.

    Go to WW have lost 30lbs,need to lose quite a bit more,this year,heard about this plan there and thought why not try. I do have knee problems havent been able to kneel for a long time.

    Just 3rd run of week one today. You will be ok just keep coming back here for support

    Good idea about spreading 1 week over 2 I may need to do that in a couple of weeks as jumps look big.

  • Thanks everyone, great feedback - anyone near Bromley, Kent? My shoes are 'New Balance.'

  • Hello I run in Dulwich but my friend moving close to you in a few weeks, when she does i am sure we will jog in Bromley. I will keep you updated as might be nice to do session together for support x

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