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humidity this morning

I am currently tied to park laps due to my knee still not being 100per cent right. When i tried running round the local streets it played up again and i dare not chance the fields that i love running round, too many ups and downs. So off to the park which is reasonably level i go each time i run.

I went out just before 8am this morning and it was like walking into a warm blanket outside-- my house is always cooler than outside, which is fine in warm weather but a pain in the winter!!!! -- anyway off i set to the local park, no kids around at that time of the day and started my laps. I lost count of how many times i ran round and round to achieve my target, but, i got there and was so pleased when Laura said only 60secs to go. To say i was sweating was an understatement it was awful never been like that before and can only put it down to the humidity. Has anyone else found it the same today??

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I'm on a rest day today so no running, but it did seem very close when I went to work this morning. I guess it's the start of Bertha hitting our shores this weekend :-) (I'm in Liverpool btw).


Hi. I am also on a rest day - out yesterday though and it was hot (NE Scotland!!) - next run tomorrow, all being well. Sorry to read that your knees are troubling you but seems like you are dealing with that. Take care


Yes I was out last night after 10pm so it probably wasn't a lot different then (live near Oxford) and yeah warm, wet blanket was how I'd describe it. There wasn't much breeze to help either. Hope your knee is better soon, but well done for at least getting the laps in at the park.


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