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yaay I've graduated this morning

yaay  I've  graduated  this  morning

I am soo pleased. and would like to thank all for their support and advice along the way

I deviated a little from the programme running to my own music weeks 7 and 8 and working night shift put me out of sync but have just returned to Laura to complete week 9 and did my final run of the podcast this morning

up before my alarm too :)

I like soooo many others couldnt catch the proverbial bus before i started at end of May / june

I am amazed that

1 I can keep running for 30 mins and have breath left

2 when out of breath on the hilly bits i dont have to stop i can keep running and catch my breath on the flatter bits and KEEP running

3 the hilly bits that a dreaded in the mid route of my local run are getting easier each time

I dont have "park runs" near me so ill keep at building on my progress i would love to manage a 10k next summer...that would be awesome

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Amazing!! Really well done :-) I love hearing when people complete this - I've just done week 5 and starting to feel confident that I can do it too!!

Bask in the glory of your achievement :-)

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It's a great feeling just reaching the longer runs, especially when you look back. Such a transformation! And it doesn't take that long, really. It's something that one can start again if things go wrong along the way. But you've been regularly going out there and running continuously for several weeks, now, so you're set for whatever next goal you set yourself. Well done, and enjoy your running.


Look at that time too! - Fabulous job. Well done and congratulations to you :-)


Congratulations and well done! Hope you have many happy running days ahead! Let us know how the training for the 10k goes. That's my goal too, after I graduate and settle into the 5ks a bit :-)


Fantastic time for that distance! Well done on graduating and here's to next summers 10k ( bet you'll get there sooner!)


Many congratulations! What a star you are!


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