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Thats the hardest one yet. Not because of the run, but because I had to do it in the morning before going to work. I am going diving tonight, so you can't exercise right after diving, so had to pull the run in before work and what a difference. I don't think my body is made for early starts, its much more comfortable doing it in the evening :)

The run was of course the same as W2R1, so progressing nicely. Now off to work!

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But isn't it a great way to start the day though? I personally can't run after work - can't get my breathing righ, and there's too many children and bikes and traffic.. hate it!

So mornings it is for me :-) And running mornings are the best mornings :-)

Good luck with the rest of the programme. Oh and enjoy the diving too :-) :-)


Well done for getting out there. It's funny how so many of us have our favourite running times. Good luck with the dive tonight


The thought of diving terrifies me so I think you're very brave! I think we each have our ideal running time of day, so perhaps yours is evening. Well done on getting this far.


I was doing C25K while diving in Cornwall recently. I used to run first thing (before breakfast) and then leave it a few hours before diving. I quite liked the early start - it certainly woke me up!

Where are you diving? I'm going to Stoney Cove tonight.


Hi JayBeeToo, I was at Stoney Cove last night myself actually, how freaky is that :) Maybe I saw you underwater, hehe.

Perhaps we should get together for a dive there sometime :)


That would be great! I'm off on holiday soon so I won't be around for a few weeks.


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