W2R2 just about!! 😬😂

Well a run is a run l can hear some of you saying....... with MJ in 1 ear and Oldfloss saying slow and steady in the other l completed the run. Should have run yesterday but life got in the way and ☔️++ so went this morning. Very sore toe that needs sorting and struggled because of that but l did it. I'm getting such an endorphin rush from this something l haven't really got got from any other exercise I've done before which is becoming the reason to continue. Early running is my preference as it sets you up for the day ahead. So Monday is run 3 of W2 will see how l go and may repeat the week as lm not sure if lm ready to progress to W3 yet would welcome advice and your experience on this one. Have a good day and enjoy the 🌞if you have it very dull here in Wales but warm 😬. Happy 🏃🏃🏃😘


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  • Well done you! If you have managed the runs, you don't need to repeat (although you can if you feel that would improve your confidence). I looked ahead at each week thinking 'I'm not sure I'm ready for that'. However, surprise, surprise, turned out I was :) The programme takes you up in carefully calibrated steps. Have faith in the programme; have faith in yourself :)

  • Thanks😃

  • I’m at the same stage as you - did W2R2 yesterday. My big right toe feels a bit numb. A friend who runs told me I need to get running shoes a size bigger than my normal shoes, so you don’t injure your toes. I can’t afford to buy a new pair yet so I’m going to borrow my partner’s trainers for now (there are upsides to being a woman with big feet sometimes!)

  • Thanks it was a nail problem enough info😂😂 have sorted it now. I'm running in a pair of Karrimor Duma ATM which are fine but money and time allowing will get my gait analysis done and buy some proper shoes. X

  • Gait analysis?! You are obviously more clued up than I am about this stuff!

  • Hi there, well done I am cheering you on! I also struggled with W2 R2 but managed much better on R3 by relaxing, going slower and smoothing the bounce out of my run. The advice I was given was-"if someone can see just your head above the hedge, they should not be able to tell if you are walking or running." Bouncing like Tigger wastes your energy! Make sure your toe is okay. Do you have good shoes? I did the first two weeks in a pair of old trainers because I wasn't sure whether I would take to running. After that I bought some proper running shoes and am much more comfortable now. I went to a specialist shop, had my gait filmed and a selection of appropriate shoes suggested. You don't need to repeat a week if you have completed it. Only repeat a week if you haven't completed the run, (in which case counted as a practice!) I am 58, have never run before and I am "wowed" by this program. I'm about to start week five and am amazed by what I have managed in the last four weeks. Happy running 😄

  • My advice is don't repeat! You can do it - I felt like repeating- but this lot on here pushed me - and I did it with ease!!! Well done! You are doing amazing!

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