BOOM!!!!! Week 9 Run 3!!!!! Nailed it!!!!

Oh yeah baby!!!!! Final run AND I NAILED IT!!!!! Not including the warm up or warm down walk, I covered 4.6k .... Gutted I didn't hit 5k but soooooo close and I'm still breathing!!!

Thank you all for your encouragement & top tips, I couldn't have done it without you. I'm now glued to my fellow C25Kers who have been with me all the way!!!! Come on guys , you can do it too xxxxxx buzzing!!!!


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47 Replies

  • Fantastic news, Lisa and a massive well done. Soooo close to the 5k in 30 minutes but it's still a great achievement and I'm sure that magic 5k in 30 minutes will be achieved very soon :)

  • Thanks Paul xxx will now be bursting to whoop the 5k in 30mins xx

  • Well done Lisa! You have every right to be VERY proud of yourself right now! Happy running in the future... you can slowly work on pace if you want to... don't feel pressured to though!


  • Thank you thank you Aussie xxx I'm going to use the 5k in 30 as my next goal! Xxx

  • Congratulations, have seen your posts quite often and seem to be a week behind you, all being well I will be graduating this time next week.

  • Woohooo go for it Jol xxx you CAN do it too xx

  • Brilliant. Well done Lisa, sounds like a cracking run. No wonder you feel great. And you DID cover more than 5k - who says it has to be all running? Got to get your badge now!

  • THANK YOUUUUU xxx I'm still buzzing xxx

  • Very well done, Lisa, and a huuuuuge CONGRATULATIONS! :-)

  • Awww thank you Miles xx

  • Wahay Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! Lisa! Chanting now and I've done a celebratory dance for you. The dog has joined in as well and he is howling for you. I raise my cuppa tea to you to toast your success. So, well then, how does that feel? Good ey? You have to treat yourself to something new now. A new pair of shoes or running pants etc.

    By the way have you applied for your badge??? I wanna see what it looks like on.

  • Woohoooo MissW!!! It feels bloody FANTASTIC!!!!! Will be treating myself to the majority of the Nike store hehe!!!! Here's to 10k .... Maybe!!!

  • Snap! Congratulations, well done, you did a really good pace! it's a great feeling isn't it? No stopping us now!! :)

  • It feels fab Peig xxx are you gonna try for 10k???

  • I don't know - I'm doing a 10k charity run on monday (signing up for that was what brought me to c25k in the first place), but obviously I'm not going to be able to run the full 10k this time! I'm hoping to jog a bit and walk a bit to get me over the finish line. I like the idea of improving 5k time in the short term (I couldn't get any slower). What are your plans?

  • Fantastic, well done Lisa, I bet you're feeling great. Enjoy your running x

  • Thank youuuuuu

  • "let's all do the conga, let's all do the conga, daaa da da da!! da da daaaaa da!!!"

    KAboom! You did it. Well done Lisa. Welcome to the graduate club. There's an admin fee of £100,000 which should be paid directly into my account (details to follow) and an initiation ceremony which involves a barrel of olive oil, a spruce twig and a rub down with a "chammy" leather!

    Tally ho!!!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I just spat my tea when I read your post!!!! Not sure about the £100k but quite like the idea of a rub down ... Chuckle!!!

  • Hey, very very well done Lisa!! Graduating and doing it in a cracking time too!! AND Ullyrunner is right, you did do 5k if you include your warm up/cool down walks.

    So what's next matey? Speed? Distance? Endurance? Celebratory glass of wine? Graduation present? Whatever you choose, hope it's as much fun as the past 9weeks have been. Good luck Sweetie and many many congratulations xxx

  • Awwww my lovely AncientMum xxx I will celebrate in style with chocolate & G & T xxx I'm thinking of trying for 10K but will see how it goes. Need to crack the 5K in 30 mins I think. What are your plans?

  • A massive bar of chocolate I think x

  • Many congratulations. A well earned badge !

  • Thank youuu xx

  • Congratulations Lisa! You nailed it at a cracking pace, and the badge looks fabulous!

  • I just received your message & couldn't wait to log in to see the badge!!!!! I DID IT!!!!! So so chuffed & can't praise the program enough xxxx

  • Well done :) What are your plans now?

  • Thank you xxx.... Thinking of trying to get to 10k ... Will look at podcasts. But first I'd like to crack 5K in 30mins as I just hit 4.6k so far xx

  • Way to go, Lisa!!! But what's this about last've only just started!!! Congratulations. I would recommend extending one run per week to get towards your 10k goal and it will help you with your speed for 5k.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks Ian!!! It'll take a lot to wipe this smile xx

  • Well done! Enjoy that shiny badge. Really good time/distance too.

  • Thanks Becca xxx

  • It's Graduation City today! Well done to you! You're like a skinny cat's whisker away from 5 in 30 ..... i bow humbly and am deeply awed and inspired once again!

    Cool Runnings to you :-)

  • Awww thanks BoPeep.... I WILL crack the 5 in 30..... One day lol

  • Congratulations Lisa - graduating with such a good distance/time is awesome - no wonder you are considering 10k next!!. Enjoy that shiny new badge next to your name : )

  • Haha I did say thinking!!! Gonna try to crack the 5 in 30 first xxx

  • Well done JL, that is brilliant! Hopefully joining you on Friday, although I've just had a massive roast dinner and Christmas pudding (don't ask) so I expect I will have a coronary on my W9R2 tomorrow morning! Don't disappear and keep us up to date with your progress :)

  • YUMMMM!!!! Hope you enjoyed your pud!!! Will be glue to see your updates !!! Oodles of luck & excited for you xx

  • I thought it was just me that ate Christmas puds the whole year round. I make a WW one though, which is lovely

    Oooooooooooooooooooh I just noticed your badge Lisa. Looks awesome!

  • Haha you guys are making me hungry now x

  • Yeeeeaaah! JustLisa you've done it! Fan*******tastic! There's nothing like that graduation feeling so enjoy it and then you're ready to continue the journey.

  • Thank youuuuuuuu!!! I'm loving the badge xxx

  • Congratulations! Glad you did it and great to see you got the graduate badge. I'm still out on an injury break -- two weeks now. Not sure where I'll have to pick up when I return but I will return for sure and in the meantime I'm really missing running. Hope you're celebrating!

  • Oh vjscadence I hope the injury heals FAST!!!! Make sure you're better before you nail the rest of the programme xxx I'll be looking for your updates xxxx

  • Thanks! I'll check your updates too, Ms. Graduate! :-)

  • Fantastic achievement, well done - enjoy the buzz of graduation. I'm sure that elusive 5k in 30 will come very soon x

  • Looks like I missed this one. Congratulations.

    Now you can run what you want, when you want and enjoy. :-)

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