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Wk5 run 3 20mins continuous :(

Hi guys,

I have started the c25k and have been completing it albeit slowly due to injuries at the beginning not running correctly, work load and the rubbish weather we have been having. I managed to complete upto week 5 run 2 but run 3 where you complete a full 20 mins I have not managed first time which made me a little dissapointed but I shall continue until I've completed it. I just wondered if everyone has had the same problem jumping such a big distance without a break. Any advice would be much appreciated. X

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Well done, you will do it.

This may help………..positivity although you already have the correct attitude.

W5R2 is actually 21minutes of moving between warm up and cool down, so you have already done the duration and you can do R3 if you pace yourself and believe in yourself.

Running is hugely psychological, and positivity is key...........if you don't think you can do something, then you probably won't be able to, whereas if you have belief you remove many barriers.

Start off slower than on any other run and only speed up when the end is in sight. Don't clock watch, find distractions in your environment and stay relaxed.

You will do this and then move on to graduate.

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Thank you for your reply I shall certainly try those x


It is actually more efficient for you to run continuously without the stopping/ starting intervals. For the past 5 weeks you have been training your body to become a more efficient cardio machine and your legs and muscles have become stronger from constant walk running.

As IannodaTruffe says you have actually been 'on-the-go' for longer in W5R2. Allow your body adjust to the run and settle into a rhythm (around 10 mins) and you should be fine. After that its is all in the head as you now have to re-programme your brain to believe that you really can sustain long runs. And if you have kept up the programme this far - you really can!

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Thank you for your reply x


I think it's partly psychological--a bit of you is still thinking "where's my break?" at the half-way mark. You'll crack it next time and then forget you ever had breaks.

Once you are past half-way you're just running down the minutes. Three songs and you're done.

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Thank you


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