Early morning 5k before work

Alarm went off at 5am I thought oh sod it I can't be bothered , I've got work for ten hrs I'll do it tonight , have another hr . Well I got to thinking then , who are you kidding , do it tonight ! You know you will just want to come in , have a shower & bed . So I got up. & I went . I did 5k in 31 . 59 pleased with that & glad I went . Now next run is park run Saturday .

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  • Good work Rockette, a triumph for good-you :)

  • Great work Rockette and a good time too. Nice to relax tonight basking in the feeling. Good luck with the parkrun

  • Whey hey! Well done Rockette. You've done really well after your injury. Your patience clearly paid off.

  • Great stuff - more of the crew back from the injury couch in FINE form and after some stellar performances in the last week or so... a rocketing fast 5K from the Rockette, an awesome 10K from the coolest KittyKat we know and even more graduates in the ranks! Today is a GOOD day!

    Well done - awesome stuff... enjoy the ParkRun!

  • Well done mate. You're a star. At least when you get home you can forget having to turn out again. Relax with a glass of sommat nice, you earned it

    Good luck with the park run.

  • Great stuff! Well done, Rockette. Early morning runs are great, aren't they? Bet you feel so glad you made the effort to get up and run. :-)

    Good luck for your Parkrun!

  • good girl, getting out the bed and out the bed is hardest

  • wow - power to you. Love early morning runs but not as early as you. you'll be so glad you did it early when you get home from work!