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5k! I did it! :)

Still can't quite believe it! I've got from struggling to complete a 90 second run to doing 5.8k! Woooohoooo! Did my run on a treadmill tonight - never done that before. Am so pleased that I can do it! If you're a beginner you can do it too,you may struggle at times but never give up. I've gone from a couch potato to a lean keen running machine and you will too! Wooohoooo!

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Wow fantastic well done to you. It is amazing the progress we can make if we put our minds to it. Congratulations


Congratulations!! You can do it, indeed!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Wow - well done. Gives people like me the idea that it is possible! I'm really looking forward to making my way through each week (even if it takes me a little while longer than a week sometimes) and arriving at the point you are now!


Thanks for your blog post. I need the encouragement. :) Congrats!


Well Done - it's very encouraging to know there are so many bloggers on here that have started as non-runners who can now do 5K :)


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