Know any running songs at 180bpm? Or is there a good app for music?

It's meant to be the optimum cadence for the average run. I am only on wk6 (did R1 today), but tried to keep my stride fast and short, which is getting easier the more I practice. It makes the running much easier on my legs.

I can now breathe, keep my stride short, which keeps my pace fast, and remind myself to lean slightly forward all at the same time!

I am looking forward to running more to my own music, and already use a few tracks for my warm up. Is there an app which would help me organise the music I already have and find out which ones are 180bpm. Or is there some good running music anyone can recommend please? Thanks!

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  • You can get ideas from Podrunner:

    and jog fm:

  • If you go to the audiofuel website you can buy their compilations which are organised at whatever bpm you want. I have bought some but not used them as i have just discovered how wonderful it is to run without music at all - loving it - got all my enthusiasm back which had started to wane a bit a few weeks after graduating!

  • Download MixMeister and it will tell you the bpm for any song you have - although I'm not sure how accurate it is. I read somewhere that about 10% are not accurate. Or you could try listening to your songs and tapping them out to find the bpm -

  • I use the free software "BPM Counter" available from

    It seems quite accurate and save the BPM in the MP3s ID3 tag so the MP3 is permanently tagged.

  • That's great. Thank you all for your answers. I know what I'll be doing today...! :D

  • Can you hack drum n bass (Its not to everyones taste!)? That's usually around 180bpm. I swear it makes you run faster for longer!

  • Try the website. It lists loads of tracks with their bpm plus links to spotify to listen to them and links to (I can't remember)buy them too.

  • Hi am interested in the 180bpm and the 'lean' techniques, as this is reccomended by Danny Dryer ChiRunning as a way of preventing injury. I find doing 180bpm really difficult, do you have any tips?

  • I'm not expert believe me, but I have watched a lot of YouTube!

    There are a few exercises I do along to the music I have which is 180bpm. I usually do them as a warm up, to get my head in the right place. Often the podcast music isn't the right tempo for me, so I just count 1, 2, 3, 4 in my head if I am striding too long. The lean is very slight but I can always feel the difference, as the running is easier. When I get tired it's harder to maintain as I am just getting used to it, and need to remind myself more.

    Here are a couple of links which I found useful:

  • thanks - this looks really helpfull and theres a metronome app that you can download that plays over the music.

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