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Breathing technique!!

Evening all,

I have a confession, I have been lurking on this site for the last week, reading all your inspiring posts and for that I thank you as it took away my fear of going into week 2, I think the phrase that has become my new mantra is "TRUST THE PROGRAMME".

I have just completed W2 R2 and while I find that my pace is increasing and I am recovering between sets I find my breathing to be shallow while running, I can now however talk between sets, last week that was unheard of. is there any sage advice, technique, deity to pray to which anyone can recommend to improve my breathing as Laura's technique of counting to 4 while I breath in and then 4 as I breath out doesn't seem to work for me.

Thank you

Determined flump :o)

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Don't worry about it. From memory, I think the breathing generally starts to sort itself out around w5.

Although Laura is to be revered, there are some points where the general consensus is 'go your own way' I.e. heel striking, breathing through your nose, counting to 4 in and out. Just try to breath deep (in a way that pushes your stomach out) rather than shallowly as that may also help fend off stitch. But as I said before don't stress over it, it will come.

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Love your tag name! In al honesty, I have looked around the internet and scanned posts and blogs and everyone seems to agree, do your own thing!

One good article said a good test is can you talk to yourself as you run! Personally, I think the village busybody would think I had been on the gin, if I did this, but others swear that talking to yourself stops you thinking about your breathing and hence it becomes easier!

I personally have accepted that beetroot red and gaping fish mouth are the look to have both during and after my runs!

Good luck !!


Hey hey welcome , glad you have switched from lurker to poster ;)

I'd agree with the guys so far - Laura is awesome but the breathing thing is my own - I have a rhythm now that developed over the weeks but I need to concentrate to get it even still :)


Thanks for the advice, doing my own thing will stop me trying to have an argument with her, anything to keep the peace.

LadyP33 I know exactly the look you are describing....... unfortunately.


Try to breathe deeply from your diaphragm - your stomach should go in and out, not your chest. Practice when you're not running so it becomes more natural. If you put one hand on your stomach and the other on your chest you should be able to feel the difference between deep and shallow breathing.

When you're running, try not to think about it too much, it'll come with time.


I tried to follow laura ' s technique and got confused and turned blue. I just try and breathe, always through my mouth cause that's what comes naturally.


I posted about this a couple of days ago, and got a hugely varied set of responses. I breath in for 2 and out for 5, I think it's because I'm a swimmer...the general consensus though was to do what feels comfortable for you.


I totally disregarded all the advice from Laura as far as breathing technique was concerned. To me it was so unnatural and didn't work at all.

All I did was to concentrate on breathing as 'normally' as I could as if I wasn't running at all. Obviously there is going to be a difference in your breathing whilst running as opposed to when you are walking, but just try and slow your breathing down as best as you can. That seems to work for me. Also, I breath in and out through my mouth, not my nose. Good luck :)


I tried dutifully at first too. But I couldn't, so I just tried to breathe a little more deeply/slowly than before - and round about week 5 I found I was more or less on the four-step count. Certainly I find I'm not really "puffed" any more. It's just the poor old legs....


My tip is to slow down. Run so slowly you are hardly running at all and run like this for a few minutes whilst you concentrate on breathing deeply in and exhaling out slowly. Speed up slowly, whilst trying to maintain the breathing. This is just an exercise. You don't need to maintain it. Gradually, the breathing and running marries and you hardly think about breathing at all.

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Kicki that's how I run anyway lol


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