W7R3 The Crazy Running Lady

I completed this run yesterday, armed with my new knowledge of the power of music. Didn't take Charlie-dog as I wanted to run a route that has nesting ducks on it and he can be a bit unpredictable around anything with feathers (or rather, he is very predictable, best to leave him at home).

I got about a mile from home and near my turning around point; we're on the great Lancashire plain and it's very flat, farming land all around, you can see for miles...I run early in the morning so no-one can see me running (think "limp-shuffle" in the style of Riff-Raff from Rocky Horror), plus of course I have untamed morning hair (now think Magenta also of Rocky Horror fame) and you get the unlovely picture.

Coming towards me from the distance was another runner, easily identifiable from the fluorescent running top, I worked out we would pass each other at about the point I needed to turn around. What's the etiquette here?? Do I turn around just before him and be concerned he'd be behind me for a mile home (we were running at about the same pace), or just after he'd passed me and then appear to be a crazy running stalker?? I didn't have time to run much further, had to get home and get ready for work.

Friends, I smiled / grimaced as he went by (now think Frank N Furter) then turned around just after he passed me and started to follow him. The poor sod panicked, sped up and quite literally ran off....

...I do hope he's ok. He was going about the same pace as me and had earphones in, so may well be doing the couch to 5k, so if you're reading this sir, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

Week eight starts Monday, I'm slowing things down because I'm not sure I want to graduate, I'm enjoying the ride too much :o)


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22 Replies

  • Brilliant post!!!!

    Now, you really should have included a pikkie here!!! Lovely images in my head!!!!

    Poor man... he may never run again, ( only kidding)...Now you know why I wear a hat... morning hair look, not good!

    The run sounds great though... I remember your early photo of where you run,lovely! :)

  • hahahaha that made me laugh out loud! Good luck for week 8!

  • That did make me laugh! Well done Pam! You are a run ahead of me but the ankle is still playing up so not risking it yet. 

  • Love it! The "Riff Raff - limp, shuffle" sounds very like my own running style!

  • Brilliant Pam just ran same run..w7r3  but sadly not in such lovely scenery.. was pouring really heavy here so decided to stay on pavement.. straight run.. up the road.. turned at my marker lamp post.. then back home.. but hey yipeee week 8 here we come :)

  • I need advice people. Was in Lancashire visiting friends yesterday and thought as it's fairly flat round there I would pop out for a bit of an early morning  run, even put on my new flourescent running top, usually wear more muted colours so I don't stand out too much. Anyway, back to a very strange experience, occasionally when out running we come across other runners coming towards us, usually they say good morning or smile etc, I usually go with a thumbs up when passing, well this morning towards me came a very strange apparition, looked a bit like an escaped hair model from a blind hairdressing college, I mean the hair!! It was <<<shudders>>>>  indescribable!!! And the running style, one leg seemed to go faster than the other, how she wasn't running in circles I will never know, all very strange, perhaps ones perception changes according to the music we listen to, usually I run to Iron Maiden tunes but as I was running in a strange place I thought why not different music so went with the sound track from The Rocky Horror Picture show. Definitely makes running somewhat more surreal. Anyway we passed, she gurned at me, I smiled and gave my usually thumbs up, after all I'm a pleasant chap and carried on my way.

    Then things got really strange, even with the headphones in I could here this strange noise a bit like footfalls but more of a thud, scrape, thud, scrape noise and it was accompanied by heavy breathing, all a bit scary really, turns out the escaped hair model had only turned round and was chasing me!!!  The thoughts that go through your mind at times like this, confusing and scary!! Am I in danger?  Does my bum actually look good in Lycra? Is this some strange local running custom the simple folk from Lancashire engage in? Or was it simply she could tell I was a sophisticated Yorkshireman and she was simply wanting to know what civilisation is like?  Who knows?  Not me thats for sure, taking no chances I was off as fast as I could, even set a PB for 5k I went that fast, knocked 15minutes 37 seconds of my time! 

    So relieved to be back in Yorkshire today, didn't sleep to well last night though, do I now have a stalker? What was that tapping noise on the window in the night? Should I get rid of the flourescent top?

    Help me please!!!

  • Brilliant!

  • Genius! Hahaaaa!!! :-)

  • Haha -that's wicked!

  • Very clever!! I smiled to myself after the first couple of lines and thought 'I know where this is going.....!' Poor Pam, I am sure you didn't look that scary!

  • You two crack me up!  

  • Whaaa haaa so brilliant..wait to Pam reads this.. I'm crying with laughter here!! Ooh Pam.. crazy running woman.. Thanks big Andy..made my day :)

  • Now is not the time to be testing my pelvic floor muscles...absolutely genius response! Tena-lady for one please! :o) :o)

  • I'm sooo scared now. Just had a notification on here to say someone is following me!!  lol  ;)

  • Stalker Pam strikes again! .. Ooh use be afraid Andy very affraid :)

  • I'd

  • ...like to write more, but am pissing myself too much????!

  • *giggle giggle*. That's so funny Pam.

  • Hehe - poor man! These decisions are really tricky. He probably felt he had to run faster to impress you - funny how we have perfect form when someone is watching!

    No need to slow things down - lots of wonderful running adventures ahead after graduation.

  • Well done on the run and the story has made me giggle out loud after my disaster of a run was just what was needed.

    Big Andy-  most impressed with that response!

  • Ha ha ! Brilliant post , loved it ! :-) xxx

  • Hot Patootie, amazing post- and response from big Andy 😂😂 

    Can't get my Kindle to show posts in order so I just randomly scroll through and hope to catch the most recent- missed this one!

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