running with Alice

Finally a lovely cool morning and I can get in a decent run. so looking forward to it, Mojo back again. So up I get at 7 am, BUT so does Alice, my hyper 4 year old Grand daughter on a sleep over. If your running I'm coming she says , but first we have to pack a snack pack ( I might need extra energy Jude she says ) in her bag goes her idea of a snack pack, 4 chocolate buttons, 1/2 cucumber, 6 grapes, 6 broad beans a breakfast bar and a bottle of water . So now she wants to know where we are running but she has a good idea, why don't we run to the park, then I can go on the rides , well why not Alice as good a place as any. And she also wants to know if she will get shouted at for not wearing pink, " I didnt bring my pink top " ( shes remembering race for life 2 weeks ago ) assured her it would be fine and off we go, and do you know what, the little dear ran all the way, we covered 3.5 k and even stopped and picked blackberries. So yes needed a good run and today I got the best ever


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  • Sounds perfect , how lovely running with your granddaughter what could be better

  • Sounds perfect , how lovely running with your granddaughter what could be better

  • it was absolutely lovely, she even offered to watch for me if I needed a wee in the woods !!

  • Awwwh bless her

  • How lovely GJ. I love Alice's snack pack, especially the broad beans- a very underrated energy food ;)

  • all shelled ready to eat mind you !

  • Quite right too. She wouldn't want to eat the pods :)

  • How lovely GJ , your little Alice sounds a little treasure ! :-) Fab run too, Well done to both of you :-) xxx

  • she is a little treasure, love her to bits

  • OH NO!! Granny Judes! --- Have you never heard what WC Fields once said " Never work with animals or children" :)

    Those cuddly and cute little kids and animals are a big trap - they can be most destructive to the morale of people like us in this running game. I know!! -- I was passed by a 6 year old last Saturday at parkrun , not just "passed" but utterly destroyed!! - AND I could not hear that child even breathing . I don't think she was!!! I am convinced she ran the entire 5K at that pace without taking a breath!!!! It is most discouraging!! :)

  • Lol! Same thing happened to me Bazza - my kids were at the finish line and when I crossed over my 6 year old said "Daddy, all the little kids finished before you and then went running off for breakfast - did they run the same course as you?"... Hmmmm... :)

  • dont know when to keep quiet do they aussie lol

  • oh tell me ! Alice grabs my hand to show me how to jog fast, you need to jog fast Jude she says , yeah right Alice !

  • A day to treasure - no doubt about that! Her snack pack was excellent too!

    Happy running! :) :) :)

  • she talked all the way, I now know I can run and chat !

  • That sounds like a great run and well done Alice on running that distance. A star in the making ;)

  • it was a lovely run, shes a little star

  • Those are the days that she'll remember when she's all grown up :-)

  • I do hope so, I am trying hard to leave memories

  • What a perfect way to end the weekend. And a memory to treasure for ever... "Running with Granny J"... great stuff... GJ putting the "fun" into run every day!

  • we all need to smile aussie

  • Aw bless. Broad beans! LOL

  • yep broad beans ( and we often have brussel spout kebabs !!!

  • it was, shes such a little chatter box ( Im not a chatter Jude, it's just words !! ) a joy to be around

  • Aww GJ - Alice sounds so sweet! It's lovely you can share your run together.

  • love the way she chose to run to the park !!

  • Never tried sprout kebabs! Mind you the way things are going there'll be no sprouts as the pigeons have breached my defences. Doh!

  • she says you need to eat healthy and she loves sprouts, so we did her kebabs on the grill

  • That sounds lovely

  • Oh spoonie your still around, makes me happy, was going to check out later to see if your ok xx

  • It sounds like a fun run. Alice sounds delightful and an athlete in the making. Kids that age are so cute and you never need to guess what they are thinking :)

  • and you never need to wonder why she's quiet, she never is, its just words, she says, not chatterbox !

  • Oh this sounds lovely GJ! That snack pack sounds awesome too!! Well done to you both :)

  • youd love Alice Bizzybee, everyone does , so precious

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