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How much boost do you get from the park run or competition run buzz?

As yet I have only done my c25k training runs and am thinking of doing my first park run this month. I have managed 4.88k 3 times before a calf strain and 4.64km twice after my calf strain. I have read that the race buzz can make you go a bit further or faster and wondered if the extra boost might be enough to push me to 5k in 30 minutes? I would love to hear from those of you who have had a real race experience? Thanks for listening Mateys.

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I'm also thinking of doing my first Park Run next Saturday. I haven't quite finished the programme yet - 4 runs left - but my proper runner friends say I should be able to achieve it, albeit slowly. So I'm interested in hearing what answers you get to this one!


You'll love it! Running as part of a group really gives me a lift - it kind of sweeps me along and I can do so much more than I achieve when running 'solo'.

I find it works for both pace and endurance - times come down as you try a bit harder to either catch the person in front or not be passed by the runner behind ... and at the end of the run, instead of being knackered, you just want to do it again. The surprising thing was that I found I COULD do it again - I now do the 5k Parkrun, then turn around and do it again in reverse. Any other day of the week? No way!


I always go faster at Parkrun but I don't know whether that's because of the crowd or because it's flat (apart from the evil hill at the end) whereas my usual route isn't. It is great fun and very different running in a big group when you're used to running on your own.


I'm thinking the same thing!! I have 3 more runs left to complete C25k and I signed up for ParkRun 2 months ago and have still not gone!! think I am afraid of being the last person out of the nearly 250/300 people that do it and I regularly look at the results table at the bottom to see if I could do better than the person who comes last!!


I've been wondering about this too! I'm doing the Race for Life on Sunday, and while I know that I can do 5k, I'm thinking it's going to be a *very* different experience to my usual solo running through fields and down country lanes! :)


I'm going to do the parkrun this Saturday for the first time. I am not at the end of the c25k yet but I thought this would keep it interesting - also I see them at the park every Saturday morning and want to join in! I've looked at the times over the previous weeks and already know I will be last to finish but I don't mind and I am confident my time will improve as I keep doing the c25k programme and I am looking forward to meeting others who jog.

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