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Run tourism - do you just drive home sweaty?

I've been reading the blogs about people doing runs a long way from home and was wondering about whether you just have to drive home sweaty. I looked at the Keswick Great Trail Run which would mean staying the night before in the area but was put off by the idea of having to drive home for 3 hours without a shower. (The date this year doesn't work for me anyway.)

I presume marathon runners have this sussed.

What do people do? Find a local swimming pool?

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I had three and a half hours drive home yesterday from Balmoral (only 2.5 there, but DH took a detour home). The weather was cool, cold to some of you, at only 6°C or so and I only wore a t-shirt and shorts (albeit with my kilt on top yesterday) that I'd didn't really get sweaty. However, I was prepared for a wash in the car and as well as wet wipes, I'd taken a flask of hot water, face cloth and towel. The previous race two weeks ago was again 2.5 hours drive home, that time I was a little sweaty and the wash was enough to feel sufficiently presentable to stop to eat on the way home. Each time I'd also packed a freezer gel pack - just in case - and was glad I didn't need them.

ps it helps to have a willing partner in the car to help remove a sticky, constricting sports bra in the confines of the car, all the while trying to hide under a towel! ;-)

pps I'm a long-time wild-camping backpacker who used to walking for days without a shower, so maybe have lower standards of hygiene that others! ;-)


Hope your run went well, swanscot.

When I used to do lightweight camping, many years ago, we took our washbags into pubs with us, and had a quick wash there - a bit embarrassing occasionally, but it worked!


I'll be down in Keswick for the Great Trail Run too - Mrs Malcy and myself are making a weekend of it. Hope we might bump into each other at some point - I'll be wearing my C25K T-shirt. My plan is to head over to the Keswick swimming pool,& fitness centre and get a shower there. Not sure how much the cheapest activity is, but it'll be worth it.


Just reread your post & see you decided against it for this year. There's still time to enter if your diary frees up.


I meant to add, I would do as you suggest and use the local swimming pool - maybe have a nice soak in a hot tub if it has one, then shower. For the two races I participated in this was not an option as they were both miles from the nearest town. Mind you, I don't see why HRH Liz couldn't have thrown open the doors to Balmoral Castle and invited us in to use the facilities! ;-)


Quite agree. After all, we've already paid for them!


Yes, we have!


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