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W5 R2... I did it!

In the afternoon sun I managed my W5 R2. Apologies for my excitement but this is the farthest I have gotten with this program and still seem to have some energy left over. It wasn't easy, but then I was pacing myself to not go too fast. I think as I was aware it was 2 bouts of 8 minutes I had the fear that I might feel the need to stop at some point.

On the second section my right leg felt a little tight so I just kept the pace to a 'light jog' as she keeps telling me and made it to the end. A few hours later and I felt OK, this morning however I feel the legs are a bit tired when walking into work.

I guess its the gradual progression towards endurance that's bringing on the fatigue but if I look back, Week 1 seems like such a long time ago...

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Well done ! No need to apologise for your excitement- its allowed ! :-)

Glad you enjoyed it and you still had some fuel left in your tank

Onwards to W5 Run 3 , Good Luck and enjoy it ! :-) xxx


Well done, you are really starting to see (and feel!) the progress you are making :)


Great stuff! You're doing really well. Laura is really the bees knees so keep listening to her instructions and you will get to Graduation with no dramas. It's only when folks start trying to miss runs, or run like the clappers, that they overdo things and get hurt. You won't be doing that will you!

It's natural to have a bit of an ache afterwards. It means it's working!


Well done and you deserve to be excited ;) Going great guns. Good luck with the rest of the programme :)


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