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W7 R2- I did it!!

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After my mental block on Saturday and all your wonderful advice and support, I decided that I owed it to myself to give it another go before taking a backstep.

The weather was much more forgiving (cool with a slight drizzle in the air) and i felt well rested and positive. I decided to go out with the mantra of 'no run is a bad run and each run adds to your fitness and stamina' and a mindset of running what I could with no pressure.

I ran mindfully slow- noticing that when people passed I was having the urge to speed up (due to embarrassment) but fighting that urge, feeling aware that this subconscious urge may be what has been sabotaging my previous runs (that and the heat!!)

I kept the same (very slow!!) pace for the entire run and felt in control. The last 5 minutes were a real push and my legs have never felt so much like lead as when I finished today's run... but i finished it! The full 25 minutes.

Thanks to HoagyM i decided to check on my clock a few times, noting that I had 'only 2 minutes' to my personal milestones (i broke the run up mentally in to 5 minute blocks) or to the end of the run and it really spurred me on when it was difficult!

Also thanks to IannodaTruffe, as I heard your voice telling me 'is it real pain? Is it absolute exhaustion? No? Then you can do this, keep going!'

Everyones advice on my last post got me through this when i needed it most. I have always been so grateful for this forum, but never more than I am right now! I know the next run will be equally as challenging, but I now have belief in myself and my ability to get through it again ๐Ÿ˜

So i'm counting it as W7 R2 for now. I'll see how the next one goes and repeat if needs be but as week 8 is just a step up in minutes, i'm going to give it my best shot to keep moving forward xx

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Oh thatโ€™s brilliant MamaH, so pleased you decided to give it another shot and got through it - many congratulations for completing the run and fighting off all those pesky gremlins :)


Woohoo! Well done you for tackling that run again and getting to the end! You did it :-)


Brilliant!! Well done you!!

I'm liking IannodaTruffe's "Are you actually dead? No? Then keep running.." technique :-)

MamaHogg in reply to sallenson

๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ this just made me laugh out loud on the bus!

'Are you actually dead? Almost! Good, keep going!' ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

sallensonGraduate in reply to MamaHogg

You, my love, are an absolute and total WINNER!!

You have nailed this sonovabitch now. And you're not dead. And can type and everything. xx



Yay. I glad you repeated the session and were successful. It was very hot and humid. It's cooler here and breezy. 8-)


Right MamaHogg youโ€™re due a huge hug of thanks! I was putting off my W3R2 and as Iโ€™m still alive, I think I need to get my butt in my gear and out on the road!

For all those sharing their stories, please know itโ€™s always inspiring those who are following behind! Thank you โค๏ธโค๏ธ

MamaHogg in reply to Fabulous450

You can do it! I found my mojo underneath my running shoes xxx


Well done.

This stage of the programme is tough for many.........so you have to prove you are tougher..........no contest.

Keep running keep smiling.

Thank you so much for all your support along the way! X


Well done that's brilliant. You're on the home stretch now. That advice that Iannodatruffe gave you was sound - I've been thinking that when I wanted to stop today (W8R1) but I remembered what he said & I pushed on through. We got this - the podium is in sight. Good luck.

MamaHogg in reply to Hidden

It really is! For me, this roadblock has definitely been mental as opposed to physical and just a simple technique of actually assessing how you are really feeling and being a little more mindful, makes you realise that the aches and tiredness are possible to overcome with some positive thinking! I'm sure it is advice that IannodaTruffe has given before and will no doubt give again as many people seem to hit this mental block at some point in their journey. Thank goodness for this forum and the wonderful people who take time to reply xx


Well done! The mind battle was the hardest for me. Looking forward to seeing you progress to the end.


Seriously well done Mama.

We're proud of you for your efforts and your approach to it.

One more off the list. Counting down...

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