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Planning on missing a run for the first time since starting c25k

Since starting this programme - started 22 April, graduated 18 June :) I've religiously run three times a week. I've been so amazed at becoming fitter and worry about losing that if I miss a run - so I haven't missed one.

Monday morning my tummy felt a bit dodgy. I set off thinking it wasn't really a problem though.. but ended up heading home soon and ran for just 15 minutes. After using the lav I went out for a further 10 minutes..

I've not felt so great since then and have felt a bit quesy today. So I'm thinking of not running tomorrow morning and waiting for Friday morning, giving myself a good rest. But I'm worried that by missing one, I won't be able to do it again.

My best run was last Wednesday and did a good run on Friday too. So I guess only Monday wasn't so good - my worst run :(

I hope I'm right to not run in the morning and then hope that Friday morning will be a whole new experience. I guess that if I don't reach my previous best, that would be ok - I should set myself a realistic expectation perhaps and just not expect to do a 5k run - BUT, realise that I will do it again - hopefully. See, I'm trying to be positive but can't get rid of that worry... I certainly don't want to have to start again, but I might need to bring myself back up over a few runs.

I've just loved what this programme has brought me and this lovely community is a great way to express both worries and joys :) . I'm not prepared to lose it, that much I do know.

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If you miss one run you will be absolutely fine !! If you're not quite right a little rest until Friday will certainly not do you any harm and may very well do you a world of good, you will certainly not lose fitness by missing a single run. Hope you feel better soon.


Missing one run will matter nought... Best to rest and be 100% for the run... In actual fact, unless your training for the Commonwealth Games, a break of up to 2 weeks won't have any noticeable affect on your fitness...

Running when ill could put you out for a lot longer... so go easy! :)

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You won't lose much in a few days i remember someone posting some months ago about what you lose over time in % terms. From what I remember the first couple of weeks you shouldn't stress about too much (remember people running marathons etc taper before their big race and don't suffer) I'd reccomend taking an extra few days to recover, you'll surprise yourself when you get back out there. I myself have had a few occasions where a 5-6 day gap has crept in due to various reasons and haven't found it a problem. Hope you feel better soon!


Many/most running trainers say that we should miss out on a week of running every month or so -- there are reasons for this.


I have reluctantly (but sensibly) set my alarm for the later non-running time, rather than the usual Wednesday earlier running time :-(

Am feeling a bit more positive that this will result in an acceptable or even good run on Friday. I'm so keen and determined to maintain this fitness which is new to me and I'm delighted with.

Thanks for your kind words and encouragement :-) Looking forward to Friday not just for the weekend!


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