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Eight months since starting C25K

I havent posted for ages so I thought I would get up to date.

I started C25K in May last year after being a life long hater of running (i'm 47).

I can honestly say I havent found any of my runs easy and dont actually enjoy it until I finish. Then I'm elated!

Well, in May this year, just under 1 year after starting this, I am proud to say that I will be running a half marathon.

I would never believed it last year when I really struggled to run for 60 seconds, that I would be looking forwad to completing 20k.

I still run at the pace of an artheritic snail but I can run for 1 hour 40 mins non stop.

After graduating, I concentrated on getting faster (my 5k time was 50 mins) but I stopped enjoying it so after months of pushing myself to go faster, I decided to go further. That was the turning point where I really started enjoying it again.

I just completed my 1st Parkrun today, despite having signed up in July and not finding the courage to do it as I am so slow. I set off, knowing the previous results, that I would probably be last, but it didnt matter anymore. I can run! I came 138th out of 145 so I was OK with that. Best of all I knocked 2 mins of my personal best time.

So all of you who are just starting out or to those that are nearing the end, this is just the beginning. Anything is possible.

Laura will prepare you phsically & the wonderful people on this forum will prepare you mentally.

Good luck to you all!

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Such a beautiful blog! :-) I'm not a natural runner either and wonder if I will ever actually have a run I truly enjoy. That said, I'm like you, the feeling I have after a run outweighs the non-enjoyment of the run. Amazing that you have pushed yourself on to consider and sign up for a half marathon!!!! :-) Great going!!!! :-) Wishing you continued running success! Gayle


Wow!! Running for 1hr 40 mins??!! That's amazing and I hope I can be doing that after a year... :O It's great to hear from those who started this a good while back and how they are doing now; it proves beyond any doubt that it works and is really encouraging :)

All the very best for the HM in May. Sue x


Thank you so much for that. It is so encouraging - not at all sure I'll ever want to think about half-marathons, but it is really good to hear from another slow but sure pacer.

Very best wishes for that half-marathon in May - sounds like you'll do it well! (The parkrun comments were very interesting too, thank you.)


wow well done you. I am struggling with the speed side of things, maybe I hould concentrate on distance instead :-)


I loved C25K but if I have one criticism it is how it goes on about running 5k in 30 minutes. You wouldn't expect everyone to run 10k, a half marathon or a full marathon in the same time so don't be disappointed if you don't hit the 30 min mark. It is however an achievement if you can run 5 k, 10k, a half marathon or a full marathon what ever times you achieve. If you want to challenge yourself then go for PB's.


thanks for the blog - i'm in need of inspiriation. Also started in May last year, graduated in October. Yes it took me that long! I hate every run I do but what a great feeling when its over.

Gone back to week 5 after a dispiriting Sweatshop club run which knocked my confidence for 6.

Still finding it hard! Anyway I wont give up as any run is better than none, Just doing my own thing and happy with that.

You've helped me feel good about what we can all achieve


What an incredible blog and an amazing year for you!!!! I completely agree with you...the only enjoyable part of running is the end!!!! It is hard work, both mentally and physically!!

Congratulations on your first Parkrun!! I absolutely love doing organized runs! I tend to knock some time off of my usual snails pace just like you did when I am in an organized run and surrounded by other runners!

Most of all, I wanted to congratulate you on your upcoming half!! What an amazing accomplishment in a bit under a year!! That is beyond fantastic!! You have so very much to be proud of!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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