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First bad run of the programme - feeling deflated :(

Up until now, I have found every single run challenging, but have always managed to run for the entire time required. But tonight was a different story.

I ran w7r3 and I'm not quite sure exactly what happened but I was just feeling a little rough and after 16minutes, I just stopped and walked for 1min! I didn't even consciously decide to stop, it just...happened! Started up again after a minute, and to add insult to injury, I stopped again 3minutes before the end, and walked for 30seconds. Again, it just kind of happened. It was so odd, and I felt so disappointed with myself.

It was windy outside so I was wearing my running jacket instead of my long sleeved compression top and I got really really hot and sweaty, so wonder if that had something to do with it. Also, having checked my timings, I appear to have run the first 2 km at 6.15min/km, which was 20 seconds quicker than on my previous runs. I wasn't even aware i'd been going quicker. Could that be it?

I guess I'll just have to repeat the run on Friday, but now that I've actually stopped during a run and not pushed myself until the very end, I worry that it will happen again, and just feel so defeated and deflated. And the old gremlin on my shoulder just keeps saying 'see, I told you that you weren't a runner and wouldn't be able to do this'. Argh :(

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Dont over think it, let it go and redo the run Friday is my advice. Speaking from experience! I did it the other day, stopped 3 times and eventually just came home. We have dodgy runs and thats ok, as long as we dont over think afterwards. You will do it, sometimes our bodies just get grumpy with us! You are doing amazingly well to be where you are in the programm. Just go out and enjoy your next one :)

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I was chatting to an experienced runner today who said that when she stops sometimes ( she hates stopping and knows it's her head not her body as she has done marathons) she is more likely to stop again in the same run. Even more reason , she tells me, to keep going slowly rather than stop !! Good luck. Put it in a balloon, let it go and start afresh :)

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Well done you, getting this far! You definitely are a runner now. Good advice above, don't let those gremlins get you down. You can do it!


The dreaded bad-run-syndrome, it happens to all of us, and there is no hiding the fact. The consolation is that it is usually followed by a really good run. I have just had two bad runs, but today I have just posted a new PB!

Be positive and look to the next run, but please don't over-analyise the whys and wherefores; bad runs just happen.


Thanks for your replies peeps - repeated w7r3 tonight, and just took it nice and slow (slower than my usual pace) and it was ok, and I think I could've carried on a little, so I'm back on track, hurrah! I think I just got my pacing all wrong on Wednesday and just ended up going to fast, so lesson learned : slow and steady is the key to completing each run!


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