Gait analysis

Finally got myself to Sweatshop and had my gait analysis done (as a treat for finishing a 10k event on Sunday). Should have really done it months ago. Staff were so friendly and helpful. Left with some lovely new Brooks trainers and customised innersoles. I am a neutral runner with very slight overpronation but have very high arches! Can't wait to try them on a run!

I would strongly recommend everyone to have this done!


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  • Hi runsusyrun, I am going tomorrow, can't agree with you more. Have very high arches myself and wondered if you have suffered with shin splints/sore calves? :)

  • I too got this done and bought some Brookes shoes and customised innersoles from Sweatshop even before I started C25K to make sure I carried on with it (after spending so much!) and they are great! It is definitely worth the money especailly as I read so often on here about aches/pains/injury caused by wrong shoes. If you over or under-pronate the correct shoes are a must.

    Well done on the 10K!

  • Hi there

    how much does it cost to have your gait analysed. i went to a sports shop and stood on a pressure pad showing whether i have high or low arch and also whether i need support or not and bought some new running shoes, however i would like to have my gait analysed properly as i am enjoying my running



  • The analysis was free but I did buy some trainers. Not sure if they would charge if you don't. Worth giving them a ring. I was in the shop for almost an hour and never felt pressurised into buying anything. Very professional and friendly. There was another guy having his done and I heard him say "You recommend cheap shoes, that's the cheapest running shoes I've ever had."

  • thankyou, i will certainly try this out, Thankyou

    Happy new shoes :-)


  • Hi. Yes I started having sore shins once I got passed the 7k mark. No knee pain ever! I started taking a few extra rest days but I hope that the new innersole supports will help. They def feel nice. Btw they are £45 extra but I think worth it in the long run (lol) if they prevent injury and they are suppose to outlast the trainers. They are moulded around your foot so can't be more customised than that :-).

    I had my heart set on Brooks Ghost or Glycerins but trying on the different trainers and having a go on the treadmill I could immediately feel that some were better than others. Left with the Ravenna 3 - not to keen on the dayglow green but they feel sooo nice. Enjoy tomorrow.

  • Thanks and enjoy your running in your new shoes!! ;)

  • I had my gait analysed at RunnersNeeds in Snow and Rock on Purley Way. They put me on the treadmill and showed me the video etc, I'm neutral with a tendancy to supinate (can't remember whether that's under or over pronating). He was very good and explained what we were looking at on the screen and what all these terms meant. I was wearing the Brooks Ghost 5 for the analysis but my chap had to get them out of the display for me. He went back to the back of the shop and couldn't find any other trainers in my size so wouldn't let me buy them as apparently you can't just try on one pair and make your mind up, no matter how comfortable they are or how hard it is to find comfy shoes in the first place. He never mentioned charging for the analysis on the basis that I hadn't bought the shoes.

    I ended up with Ghost 4 from a different shop, after trying on about 5 different pairs, none of which were as nice as the Ghosts.

  • I went to Sweatshop @Westfield Stratford City. Although the shop itself is not huge I was impressed by their stock. I was able to try on 5 different trainers (could probably have done even more but my mind was made up by then!) I am well planted on this earth needing a women's size 9 running shoe, which is usually not that widely available. They also seemed to stock nice gear but I dared not look too close after blowing the budget on the innersoles...

  • best thing I ever did, got rid of my calf pain and shin splints immediately - with my new specialially moulded inserts (V high instep and weird running style!) Worth every penny

  • Having your gait measured costs £10 - free if you purchase from the shop.

    But also, research has proven that expensive trainers are not the best... I have terrible arches

    - you can buy decent trainers from lots of places - I bought a really good quality pair from Next, in the sale for £15 and they're much better than the £120 I bought. Also shop around, the 'expensive' pair that I bought ... I had my gait measured at the best shop with the best reputation .... instead of buying the £120, I got for £45 on Amazon

    you can use the cans to roll your foot arches to reduce the pain - and hopefully eliminate the problem of aching feet, you need to stretch the calf muscles. I have the same problem, and it works - rolling your feet on cold cylinders really works - I use the hairspray and the deodorant !!

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