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I haven't run since Monday and am missing it such a lot. On my last run I felt a burning sensation in my right shin and told myself to shake it out and stop being a wuss. I managed 4k amd stopped.

My knees stiffened, I felt pain in both knees but more so in the right. I had hip pain that I felt deep within the bone. Perhaps I shouldn't have done that 10k a week previously. Perhaps I had done too much too soon so I have been resting it as much as I can and I have been suffering but, hooray, today it is not clicking and I can get up from a sitting position a little easier, so feeling a lot happier!

I have bought orthotic innersoles for my trainers but I have been reading that I need to take another week off running. Noooo! Another week? However, I want a full recovery so I suppose I should at least wait a few more days as I don't want to impede the recovery process.

If anyone has got any advice or personal experience tips to pass this way, please feel free.

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  • I would be too worried I might cause worse damage if i run through it amd wouldn't; therefore, enjoy the run anyway. Do be careful xxx

  • Oh dear I hope you recover soon. I haven't any tips apart from what I've read here, but it sounds like proper rest is the answer, for as long as it takes. Can you do any other non/impact activity in the meantime? Good luck x

  • Even walking for any distance feels as if it strains my legs so I am taking time out. Thank you xxx

  • Yes rest is the answer. How did you feel after your 10k? was that the reason for the injury? Try swimming if you feel up to it- a great alternative and you wont feel as if you have rush back out there. Good luck and hope you better soon :)

  • It was tiring but ok. It wasn't really until a week later I felt burning in my shin which gpt worse. It seems like it is recovering now though as ling as I don't do anything that puts any stress on my legs I seem to be ok. I may try a short, gentle run mid week and see how I go xxx

  • I cant say anything here but feel so sorry that you are not running. I hope you recover and get back to running soon

  • Thank you so much - me too!

  • Poor you it's rotten luck and so frustrating. i am trying to get back to where I was after three weeks off with a wonky ankle. I tried a gentle run in the middle of the three weeks and do not recommend it, it generally seemed to aggravate things. Just like you when my ankle started hurting I told myself to brace up I wanted to complete a proper 5k so kept going - big mistake. I think one probably has to learn to treat one's body better and it it hurts stop.Sounds obvious but so difficult to do.

    With the ankle feeling slightly tender I went back to week 6. I've now just completed the second of two 25 minute runs. Laura is more annoying than the first time round, saying - "there you couldn't do that a month ago" just makes me want to scream "YES I COULD AND I COULD DO IT BETTER" and throw the phone into the sea. I've come to realise that the real reason I feel so fed up about it is that I am afraid that if I lose fitness I will give up. It is because we are still relatively new at the running lark. I am sure those that have done it for years just accept that having a week or more off is just one of those things and don't fret so much. So try not to fret - don't push yourself and be kind to yourself.if you find you have lost a bit of ground. You will get back. If it takes a couple of weeks to recover it really doesn't matter. Very best wishes,.Hope you are back to normal soon x

  • Thank you, Azores. Yes, I worry I will lpse ground but I am sure I will be as determined because I have a 10k race planned in August and need to be fit and able for it. I am definitely going to take it slowly. I hope we don't see these injuries regularly xxx

  • Could be shin splints? Stretching calfs on a kerb, dropping your ankle down on the edge of the kerb could help but rest and ice in the immediate is probably a good idea. Good luck, hope you're feeling better and out and about soon :-)

  • Thanks, Jayne. I will start a workout tomorrow that will include the calf stretching. Good idea! Thanks x

  • No worries, hope it eases for you. I've not suffered that particular complaint but had a pretty bad hamstring injury a few years before a race so can sympathise. Be patient and ice really does help. Good luck :-)

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