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Yippee! I did it and Outside as well!

Wow I can't believe it! I am officially a runner. W9R3 completed yesterday and outside as well. Apart from 1 run I have done the whole programme on the treadmill. Should have graduated Wednesday night but work and band rehearsal got in the way. I was on leave yesterday and it was a lovely sunny day so thought I'd give it a go outside. So glad I did as it was brilliant. I also don't think I would feel a proper runner if I hadn't done it outside. That is not to say the treadmill doesn't have its place. I really don't think I would have completed the programme without it. I am in awe of all you hardy souls who have been out in the cold, wind, rain and dark. (and even snow!) I think I will continue to be a fair weather runner. Thank you all for all your support, encouragement and amusing blogs. I don't think I would have done it without you.

Now how do I get that badge?


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Well done, I think I would have found it harder on the treadmill! Welcome to the Grad club! :-)


Excellent Maggie! :) Running outside is great and as you admire us I in turn admire "dreadmill" runners......I would just get soooo bored :( So well done you for completing the programme!

If you contact the fitness editor, found in the directory above under Admin, your lovely green badge will be awarded! Congratulations!

Happy running!

Sue x


Congratulations Maggie! Glad you had the pleasure of a fine outdoor run too. :)

I can't imagine running for 30 minutes on a treadmill - uck! It's great that building up your fitness on it enabled you to go straight outside when the opportunity arose. (Running in the snow was actually quite good fun - admittedly a bit more effort, but it wasn't that bad at all, plodding along! And the scenery was great.)


Well done and many congratulations. It is a good feeling.


Well done, can't wait to join you as a graduate! Running outside is great.


Congratulations on completing the program. I'm also in awe of those hardy souls who run in foul weather. The worst I've experienced so far is a couple of cold, windy days. Not sure how I'll do in rain or snow, or maybe worse here in Texas, the hot summer heat. Time will tell.


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