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I got a mention in the Parkrun weekly podcast!

My NHS Choices interview was mentioned during this weeks Parkrun podcast! You can hear it at 18:05. They also discuss C25K and that they think it should be renames Couch to Parkrun!

This is the article that they discuss:

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If you want to promote C25K on Parkrun's Facebook page then you can do here:


Ooh Aftabs - you are becoming a media star! Well done!


Will I be running away from paparazzi soon...?


Not sure if the new name is a bit tongue in cheek, I hope so because not all towns/areas have them. Everyone can relate to 5K, its a distance but parkruns mean nothing to many.

Well done though Aftabs, keep up the good work. :)


Thanks Oldgirl. Also the name change was a joke that they made so no need for us to panic or go out and have to buy new graduate t shirts!


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