Hooping on my days off

I've managed to keep running 2 to 3 times per week since april, thanks to the weather, a running buddy and parkrun (provided i manage to get out of bed). I decided now to take the in-between-run-days and do something different so I got myself a weighted hula hoop. Had a go at it this morning and didn't really break a sweat but feel the muscles sore. Anyone else hooping around?

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  • I wish I could do this! I've tried it and the hoop just clatters to the floor! x :-)

  • Have you tried a weighted one though, much easier than the old fashioned ones which I still can't do ;)

  • No mine isn't weighted oldgirl- I may have to invest in one and give it another go! Thanks for the info x ;-)

  • Yup - I usually hoop after a run, and try to do it on the days in between when I remember. It hurt at first, but now I don't feel it at all, so I just hope it's doing some good.

  • I've done exactly the same! I assembled mine yesterday, but due to lack of space and being quite small I left one section out to make the hoop smaller. I'm a complete novice, so I watched some YouTube videos and had a go. I wasn't very good at all!

    I probably got more exercise picking the thing up off the floor than I did hooping! Anyway, afterwards I read the bigger the hoop the easier it is too use, so I'm going to add the section back in and try again tomorrow :)

    It's meant to be great for strengthening your core, and despite being rubbish I was having good fun playing music and attempting to hoop.

    Happy hooping :) Emily

  • Don't do what I did when I first got mine. I plugged some music in and off I went having previously used one I could already do it. Well I hula hooped for 30 minutes. My back, sides, stomach, ribs were in agony for days!! Its a good waist definer and I enjoy 20 minutes out in the garage with my music about once or twice a week.

  • Yes I hoop & yes weighted ones are better . Don't do it a lot but do it roughly once a week

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