Does it ever get easier? Fed up

Graduated 2 weeks ago, after it taking 2 1/2 weeks to complete all 3 runs for week 9 due to problem with left knee. Have tried to run 3 times a week since then, it just doesn't seem to get any easier, I'm willing those 30mins to be up. Couldn't make it past 24mins tonight and am deeply disheartened, I just don't know how to get past this. Maybe it's all in my head??


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  • Oh dear Mrsc26. Sometimes it is just in our heads. Have you tried varying your route yet? Sometimes that helps. Try not to feel despondent - after all 24 minutes running is not to be sneezed at and much better for you than the couch! It does get better with time, specially when you see the changes in your well being, trimness etc. Better still when your friends notice!

    Hang in there - this will pass!

  • Have you tried changing your route? It might help you get your mojo back. You've come so far - such an achievement. Keep going

  • Well done for getting this far. We all have "bad" runs sometimes, so don't despair at giving up early on tonight's run, and be gentle with your knee.

    Lots of options for helping your motivation:

    Slow down (to help you finish what you set out to do - you can speed up later), change your route (or run it in the other direction), change the time of day you run (not practical for many, but it might make a difference if you can), change what you listen to (try nothing/different music/an audiobook/desert island discs podcast), try the C25K plus podcasts (might seem tough but in a different way - speed IS tough but short), just go out intending to run for, say, 20 mins (then count anything longer as a bonus, but really 20 mins of a good run is more motivating than stopping early), go out deliberately intending to run for 10 mins then walk for 1 and repeat until you've run for 30 mins, try thinking in terms of the route you're running rather than how long you're running for (then instead of being obsessed by how many seconds you've got left you might become obsessed with how many lamp posts until you can stop - but at least you can see them!), try a parkrun - the company of other runners might help keep you going and it doesn't matter if you walk some of it....etc, etc.

    Something I've found important is to mix what I do so it's not the same every time otherwise I can become obsessed with how I'm feeling at this particular point compared with last time, or did I get here any quicker, etc, and frankly it can get boring doing the same thing all the time. One of my favourite things to do is to drive down to the sea and run along the front (much flatter than the mountainside I live on!).

  • mix your runs up. Have you downloaded the C25K+ podcasts. I have to say, these have given me back structure and building blocks. Vary your route too. You do have bad runs from time to patient, improvement does not happen overnight. I'm running 3 times a week...2 'normal' runs and 1 interval session. Mix things up a bit and see how you go.

  • Hi, I second price74s advice. Download 'speed', 'stamina' and 'stepping stones' and add them in. I am trying to do two 30 min runs ( à la W9R3) and a 'speed' podcast a week. Still using Laura for all runs but the speed is a 'quick' run and does mix it up a bit-if (I am feeling good I do a couple more intervals, if not I just do the ones Laura says). My stamina is slowly improving and running become easier ( still knackers me though). For now, ( on your 30 min runs) just run a little slower and finish. Keep at that pace till you are happy and then very slowly up the pace. ( the stepping stones and stamina ones are good too but my favourite is the 'speed' one which is the interval training one) good luck.

  • If you are new to running - or any exercise for that matter - building up skill takes time. You have to improve your overall strength, but it doesn't happen overnight.

    I think if all of us look back say six months, we will see that we can now run longer distances. That's because our fitness has improved.

    It happens imperceptibly maybe but it does happen. Each run you do is making you fitter, so stick with it Mrs C

  • I can understand how disheartening it is to get so far and then lose a bit of motivation. As this problem seems to be related to your knee then have you considered getting your GP to take a look at the knee. It's better to get these things checked out if they persist and may be all you need to enjoy your running again. I can't add to all the excellent advice already given about how to get some motivation back so will simply say good luck and best wishes.

  • You are still a novice runner, as am I, 9 months after starting C25k. Runningnearbeirut has loads of good advice and is worth rereading. I felt much the same at your stage, but have just got back from a glorious 11k run still feeling quite fresh at the end. So yes, it does get easier. I remember answering a similar question six months ago, when I said that I hoped that in time running 5k would leave me no more exhausted than running for a minute did at the beginning of the training plan. I can honestly say that I am there and I am still in awe of my own bodiy's ability to run, at my advanced age. Mix your routes and do a parkrun, if possible.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Don't be disheartened you are gaining a healthy strong body and every run is worthwhile. All of the above advise is brilliant so not much more to add apart from try the speed podcast. It is short, motivational, hard but it shakes you out of routine which can be boring! and do try a parkrun to run with others perks you up too! Good luck and be happy with you great achievements so far! Don't forget your Graduation Badge!! :)

  • I have recently graduated too and have also had a motivational slump. In order to set myself something to work towards I have signed up for a couple of races. I also second the suggestion of doing a parkrun. I did my first today and feel very inspired now as everyone is so friendly and helpful. I walked some of it as did quite a few others. It might also be worth investigating your local running club as many cater for beginners.

  • I too graduated but then found I had nothing pushing me anymore when I finished I was very slow so I've recently started again. I know I can run for 60 seconds so im using this to increase my pace it appears to be working so far.

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