scared to go running

Hi i am really struggling with the pain in my knee right now. I have not run since last Tuesday and miss it so much but i am scared to do to the pain in my knee. Do i take a chance or carrying on resting it. I have constant pain when walking, not unbearable but always there. I am using a tubigrip for support and ibuprofen gel as i don't really want to rely on taking painkiller. Don't know what to do. If i go to the gp he will probably tell me to take painkillers and rest it. Any advise would be most welcome. Feel really tearful as concerned this will not go and i will be left with a problem, not so young now at nearly 62 and i know it takes longer for things to heal.


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8 Replies

  • What is the pain in your knee? Runner's knee from overuse, or an existing condition?

    Either way I would not risk running again until the pain is completely gone. I am also on the injury bench with knee pain since last Wednesday, and am champing at the bit to get back out there, but am forcing myself to be sensible and rest it till it is fully better. Better to have a week or two off now than exacerbate it and be off for longer later.

  • I've also posted in your other thread. I really think you should go and see a sports physio. They will know lots about sports injuries so they should be able to reassure you, give you exercises and point you in the right direction if needed. And if you need ibuprofen take it - it's not a case of being reliant on medications, but making sure you're pain free rather than struggling on - ibuprofen isnt a strong painkiller. I wouldn't run until you're pain free - you don't want to risk doing further damage.

  • Hi I'm also suffering with recurrent bouts of knee pain and have been on and off for months. I run, my knee hurts, I rest, it feels better, I run ..... And so the cycle goes. So I've taken the bull by the horns and have sorted out a physio appointment for later this week. Please don't run through the pain, in my experience it will not go away on its own. I'll post what the physio says after my appointment.

    I do know what you mean about feeling tearful at the thought of not running. I miss it terribly and my last run was only last week. I'm in my mid fifties, so not much younger than you. Chin up! We will get out there running again, we've just got to make it happen! :)

  • Like u have had a niggle for the last few wks, but after Sundays run my lrft knee became a bit of a problem, stiff and painful. Have been using ice, tubigrip and same gel as you. Was due to run this evening but have given it a miss. Ancient mum I've been thinking of a physio as well and reading ur post I'm hoing to ring 2moro morn to make an appointment. Though have to admit after a bit of stretching last nite my knee doesn't feel quite so bad. Carerof I hope the knee improves & Ancientmum let us know how the appointment goes

  • It is worth seeing a physio or osteopath as there can be many reasons for knee pain and they can assess it properly. Using anti-inflammatories short term should not be a problem but also ice (with a cover only 5-10 mins) at frequent intervals. Also if the problem is a tracking issue in the kneecap a tubigrip could make it worse.

    Going on an exercise bike helps exercise the knee in a controlled way without the jarring, weight-bearing or possible twisting that running can induce.

    hope you are better soon

  • Also, if it does not get any better go to your GP with a plan in mind - ask specifically to be referred to a specialist. If you ask they will generally oblige and the waiting list can be long so it is best to be on as soon as possible. I hope you get back running soon.

  • thank you for all the replies. I must admitted my knee is feeling slightly better today,left off the tubigrip and went to work with just gel on my knee. Have done a fair am mount of walking with visiting my tenants and holding a huge coffee morning for them and it seems to be not so painful. It seems as though the resting it by not running is paying off. I will hold out for another couple of days before i attempt a run and i think i will use my treadmill the first time. Here's hoping !!!! lol Ancient mum i will still be interested in hearing bout your physio appointment though. regards.

  • Graduation week, my left knee started to give me trouble, usually the day after a run. I began to notice that I twist that foot slightly and come down harder on the left foot than the right. I took an extra rest day, and then tried to concentrate on running (and walking on ordinary days) with my foot straight, and landing heel to toe rather than flat-foot, and it seems to be improving. I'm not saying that will be your problem - only that being very aware of the way you are placing your feet might be useful.

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