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Finally managed 5k 3 weeks after graduation!


I couldn't have been happier this morning after my first 5k run.

I had noticed that my pace had gradually increased since graduation and at the same time, I wasn't finding it any easier. Sometimes I was able to run for 20-25 minutes instead of 30. Over the weekend I wondered if slowing my pace would help. So on Tuesday morning I gave it a go - slowing from an average of 8.6kmph to 8.3kmph - well what a difference that small difference made. I managed my best run for time and distance. And actually quite enjoyed the running!

I figured out what extra route would bring me to 5k, and this morning I went for it - ran 5k in 36 minutes! So overjoyed :) :) :)

I'm going to stick with that same route now until such a time I feel I need a change, and just enjoy it. Hopefully that will get me into a good place to cope with winter running (yes, the worry of that has already entered my mind.. I'm a beginner and want to be able to carry this on).

If any beginners are reading this, I will say what I've said before, really honestly, if I can do this then so can you. I still believe that this programme is just the best thing ever, and you guys on this forum are just the best help and inspiration.

:) :) :) :)

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Congratulations on reaching 5K. A brilliant achievement and what a time :) onwards and upwards.

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to paul2014

Just been reading about your pb's - wow, you're doing really well. Onwards and upwards indeed!


paul2014Graduate in reply to pinkangel16

Thanks, pink. Let's go onwards and upwards together :)


36 minutes is a brilliant start (obviously, because that's better than where I started at 38). Now just concentrate on shaving off a few seconds each time you run. Slow and steady does it. We are the champions!

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to turnturtle

Thanks - we are the champions indeed :-)

Hidden in reply to turnturtle

I'm going to say not to bother about concentrating on shaving time off, but to concentrate on distance increases and/or time running. Make only small and very gradual increases, but don't stress about PBs etc. They are a bit of fun, but length of time running and distance covered is more important.

Keep track of PBs, but don't obsess about them.

Above all, keep running, keep it enjoyable and stay safeOh, and watch out for the sun ~ I was out at 8 this morning and wow, was it hot!

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Hidden

Thanks Sally. I'm delighted with this pb and happy to hang on to it for now!

I run about 6am, so a great temperature for a run :-)

Hidden in reply to pinkangel16

6am ~ I'm busy getting the son and hair ready for school, and the Mrs is usually in the bath. I may get a dog walk in at that time, but, alas, no run!

I have run at that time during school holidays, and it is lovely. The day is scrubed fresh and everything seems new. Magical.

Tip for cold weather ~ always dress as though it is 10 degrees hotter than it is. You will warm-up really quickly, but get a hat and gloves.

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Hidden

Great tips, thanks

Hidden in reply to pinkangel16

Forgot to add that if you set out all dressed up, you WILL want to take rhings off, and there is nowhere to put them.

As for rain, there is no such thing as a fully waterproof, windproof and lightweight running jacket. There are some very good windstopper ones, and these are a bit water resistent, but you are going to get wet if it rains, but you won't care, except for a soggy car of you have to drive home.

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Hidden

Cheers! I'll be back for more tips in a couple of months.


Well done Pink! Winter running is easier than running in heat! I started running in winter and I was a wuss. I soon got used to the cold warm-up walks. Brrrrrrrrrrrr. You soon warm up as you walk so much more bbbbbbbrrrrrrriskly!

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to misswobble

Ah thanks Misswobble (love the name!).

I'm confident winter will be ok.. just not sure about mad wind and lashing rain - brrrr!

BettysbOpsGraduate in reply to pinkangel16

You can avoid mad wind by steering clear of beans pre-run :)

PS: top news on reaching 5k! And in 36mins too - flying :)

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to BettysbOps

Hehe..thanks, I'm still chuffed :-)


Hooray! That first 5k feels great doesn't it. Nice time too!

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Ullyrunner

Thanks Ully - it does feel great :-).

And I didn't the time was toi shabby either :-)


Congratulations, that first 5km is such a fantastic buzz. Well done.

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to AmberC

Thanks Amber.

It's the best buzz since w5r3 - that was amazing too!


Enjoyment is what it's all about so well done you. It's great to get the 5k done and in a great time too x :-)

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to no-excuse

Ah thanks :-)


Congrats on your 5K a really good milestone... X

pinkangel16Graduate in reply to Doglets05

Thank you :-)

Brilliant pinkangel !! Well done as others have said it's not the distance it's the time running but now you've done the distance too major kudos to you.

It really is a fantastic feeling to have completed this and you will just get better and better. I totally agree this programme and the support from this forum are awesome

Sensible approach to consolidate for now and maybe try a longer run each week when you want.

Good luck


The programme and forum are great aren't they. And so lovely to have a bunch of people to share things like this with - the ups and downs.

Currently on a high :-)

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