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Finally managed 30 minutes running - But not 5k, where do I go from here...

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Today I finally ran for 30 minutes, it has taken me 10 weeks, rather than 9 weeks as I had a cold one of the weeks. It was hard but I did it. I used my GPS app to see how far I had run and it was only 4k, So do I keep on running for 30 mins building my stamina till I can run 5k in 30 mins or do I run for longer at the same pace till I cover 5k? Not quite sure what the best thing is to do so any help would be appreciated.

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Congratulations on graduating, it's a fantastic achievement to run for that length of time whatever the distance covered is. I'd say it's entirely up to you whether you go for the 5k however long it takes you or stick to 30 minutes - either way you will be giving your body a great workout. Personally I ran for 30 minutes 3 x a week for several weeks after graduating and have gradually increased my distance and running time. Do what feels right for you is my advice. :-)

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I agree - and do what you enjoy! I went on to the 5K+ podcasts and ended up doing one run of about 30 mins to my own music, plus one Stamina and one Speed, and just alternated the three runs. After 3 or 4 weeks I was very nearly hitting 5K in 30 (and then I bashed my knee so I'm sidelined atm.)

If you've got a device to track your runs it helps, then you can see yourself how you're progressing.

Good luck and enjoy! :-)

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congratulations leedsmum!! well done you!

Im no expert - and I agree with what notbad and mitts have said. Do you think a few more goes doing 30 minutes, then increase speed a little and then another bash at 5km, would help? (simple version from a simple person!)

at the end of the day though, its what you can do and what you feel up to. dont do yourself a mischief.

but at the moment - HIGH FIVE for being a graduate!!

:-) ali

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congratulations :)

dont worry, I couldnt do 5k either at the end of the plan, so 5k became my next goal. I carried on running for 30mins for a few weeks then gradually increased the length of time running until I hit 5k. about 36mins for me.

good luck. x

Hi, I may not be qualified to answer this as I am very new, wk 1 r2 as of this morning!!!! But in a past life I have run several 10k runs, not races, runs!!! I never wanted to win or beat a 'PB'.....just survive and get through it. I think you should think about why you are doing this running it to get fit or be fast or increase fitness??? Your goal is your own personal goal. When I entered a 10k it was to be part of it, train for it, be able to go the distance, see the sights and be part of the atmosphere, not to look at my watch and say 'I did it in an hour'

Well done to you, hope to be back there in 8.1weeks :)

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Thank you all for your answers, I think that I will just keep on running for 30 mins and gradually increase my speed. I have been to look at the 5K+ podcasts and they look good, so will try these in a few weeks once I am more comfortable with running 30 mins on a more regular basis as I did find it very hard going, mind you running into a gale probably didn't help for my first 30 minute run :-)

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