I finished!

I have been lurking in here throughout my C25K training, finding inspiration and good advice, but have not posted until today.

I graduated yesterday at the Southampton Race for Life, my W9R3, and managed to run the whole 5k. Not a spectacular time, about 42minutes but I am still amazed I did it.

Thanks to some good friends for encouraging me! I think I am now officially addicted! Having a well earned rest until Wednesday and then I will contemplate what to do next.


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17 Replies

  • Welcome (what took you so long ;) ) and congratulations on your graduation :)

  • Congratulations on graduating!!! Please post what your plans are next, I have 2 more runs before graduating and thinking what to do after c25k.

  • Congratulations - and keep posting! By the way - that is a SPECTACULAR time... you did it! You can both run for 30 minutes non-stop AND run 5k.... Awesome!

  • Congratulations

  • Fantastic, well done. Yes, spectacular on all counts! Enjoy your running x

  • Well done and congratulations. Don't worry about the time. As Douglas Adams very nearly said, "Time is an illusion, doing 5k in under 30 minutes within the first 9 weeks, doubly so".

    You'll get there when you're ready. Just bask in the glory for now!

  • Well done you! I've recently discovered my local Parkrun - it didn't exist when I graduated - and it's really great, and free! I'm enjoying trying to get a PB each week and in six weeks have managed to take nearly three minutes off my time.

    Maybe you will consider it. Yes, there are some really fast people, but there are lots of normal ones like us too. :)

  • Thank you all!

    I don't know why I didn't get around to posting, but I will keep it up now and post my plans and progress:) I find everyone else's contributions interesting so perhaps someone might find mine the same!

    I was pretty chuffed with the time to be honest,as I had to weave around so many walkers and even run on the spot at a couple of very congested points, so I think the first thing to have a go at is to run an 'unobstructed' 5k and see what my time is, just for interest.

    There is a Parkrun not too far away so I will also check that out:meanwhile I am certainly basking in the glow of achievement!

  • You can apply for your virtual Graduation badge here Wondergirly! There is a link to the right of the screen, blue text. If you've done the 9 weeks C25k prog then you're a graduate and can claim a badge. There's also a proper metal badge and a tee shirt which you can buy if you wish

    Good luck with your running! You can download the C25k+ podcasts here and the Bridge to 10 k programme, so plenty of running podcasts still available here to keep you running for months to come

  • Congratulations - go get your shiny badge. Take a few days to reflect on your excellent achievement and then get back out there. Good luck and let us know how you're doing

  • Just requested my badge! Will check out the other podcast too :)

  • Well done on completing the programme and what a great way to finish. Keep posting and keep running :)

  • Fantastic and a whole 5k too. Well done!!

  • Congrats!...that is good time. Thanks for posting...I like what you said about getting inspiration from this site..I feel the same.

  • Well done - you've done great!

    I love reading the posts, if I need help and encouragement or not - reading this has become one of my favourite past times..


  • Well done Wondergirly. Excellent you are now done from here it is all fun and keeping fit. I wouldn't worry about the time at this stage, you have plenty of time to train and improve your speed, this will come gradually. Happy running

  • So on Wednesday I ran 5k around the park and along the river. Had to dodge a few tourists but it went well and did a faster time than the RfL.

    This morning I did my very first Parkrun; it was brilliant! And I completed it in 38:42 :) I thik my first goal will be to get that time to under 35 minutes and then start increasing my distance.

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