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YAY! I finished week 7!!!

Hi all, Well today, after two gruelling 25 min runs I was not looking forward to this mornings run. It was straight after school drop off and there were lots of loitering mums around so I decided to change my route.

It was damn hard and I didn't think I'd do it, my legs were like lead and all I could think was, "I've got ages to go, when is Laura going to say I've done 12 .5minutes"?! When she did (eventually) It was easier and I did the remaining run with the thought "Great I can sit down and eat something naughty when I'm done". I even sprinted an extra minute or so at the end and IT FELT GOOD!!!!! So all you peeps out there who are having doubts, the biggest doubter did it and so can you! On the downside I have put on a pound and am gutted :( xxx

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Well done! That pound is muscle - it weighs more than fat LOL!!

Keep Running!



Well done!


I am literally in awe! :D


Well done :)


Aw thanks, I have rewarded myself with white crusty bread and lashings of butter Oh and a couple of voddys!!Ooops perhaps that's where the extra poundage is coming from!!;)


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