Finished where I left off

Well before my hip started complaining I was redoing the programme & got to wk 7 r3 & had to stop after 10 mins . I have had 2 wk rest & it hasn't been sore , the good news is I managed the run today

by going at a much slower pace & shortening my stride . But it was twanging a bit throughout . Anyway were off to turkey Monday & this is the plan , there's a lovely gym in the hotel & will probably do my next run tues or weds , would you use the treadmill , so it's kinder to my joints , or run on the lovely seafront ? ( early morning ) so glad I managed it I can pack my trainers now with some running gear & take it from there . I went to docs , he said it was nothing to worry about it's prob a ligament strain & to take it steady . Happy running folks .

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26 Replies

  • Hi Rockette

    I would run on the seafront early morning, as it's so hot by breakfast time. You will be that busy taking in the sights and sounds that you won't even think about your hip. Anyway, what hip? You'll be fine. Trust me.

    Signed Misswobble (as she shuffles off on her bad knee) Ouch. LOL

  • What's wrong with your knee Misswobble ?

  • The sea front sounds absolutely lovely, but if you want to protect your hip from the impact, the treadmill might be more gentle to your joints.

    Have a wonderful holiday... wish it was me!

    Signed Tomas (as he shuffles off on his bad knee right behind misswobble)

  • Oh dear another bad knee ! Well I've had , knee , ankle , hip , can't be much more lol .

  • That sounds very encouraging indeed rockette. Good to hear. Have a wonderful holiday!

  • Thanks dan

  • A bit of both, maybe on the beach - now that is good exercise! Happy holidays :-)

  • Yes that makes sense , I'll mix it up .

  • You must be so relieved to be able to get out again! Running along a sea front sounds bliss to me - but do take care not to overdo things. Have a great holiday! :)

  • Thanks Beek , I know I will take it steady , don't think the old hip will let me do otherwise lol

  • It must feel great to be back out there! Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your running!

  • My knee just hurts. I ran anyway. I figured that it would hurt just the same if I stayed at home so I went out running instead. It seems better when I keep moving!!!! So I kept moving and ran 10 k. Stiff as a board now mind you but I'll live

  • Oooh your has strong has a horse you ! Nowt gets u down .

  • I'd go for the seafront. Also if you use a phone type GPS app (I think you can use the GPS without it counting as a phone call, but check) then you will have a lovely map of your run as a souvenir ! Great to hear you are back at it !

  • Thanks good idea

  • I can't stand being a quitter so I thought "BLOW IT"! I was fine while I was running

    Have a fab holiday!!!!!

  • Thanks Misswobble , mi hips giving mi some gip after my 26 mins , my body doesn't like running , it complains loudly ! Lol

  • Perhaps you could start of on the treadmill for the first couple of runs just to ease back into it and be gentle on your joints, then try a run along the beach - front at the end of the week. If you're away for two weeks you could do the same thing the second week as well if that suited your running plans. I guess it depends on how you are with the hip. Have a lovely holiday and best wishes.

  • Thanks fitmo yes there for two wks , trainers getting packed & hopefully I get to use em , coz hips a bit sore after today .

  • what a relief.....and have an amazing holiday :)

  • Thanks juicyju

  • I could do with a break somewhere hot, so just going down the greenhouse with a coffee

    Nearest I'll get to somewhere hot with a strong drink! LOL

  • Enjoy your coffee , hope your well , will keep you posted on my running exploits. Misswobble

  • I'm moving up to Espresso for tomorrow's run. Mo says he drinks two cups straight down before his runs, so if it's good enough for im it's good enough for yours truly. Mind you 40 minutes easy tomorrow so that should be ok if my knee doesn't give up. Not bad today and I've been gardening on it again

    Running on the seafront in Turkey sounds lovely. Baclava and coffee when you've done. Mind you Turkish coffee is a bit gritty innit! LOL

  • Yes I don't like there coffee . Glad the knee isn't too bad , my hip as been fine today , it was sore yesterday but soon settled down I did some hip flexor stretch thingies , done the trick . Enjoy your run tomorrow & let me know if the expresso gave you extra oomph .

  • I will. I have a tiny stove top espresso maker but you can only do one cup at a time (and that only holds a ruddy thimble full) No posh electric job for me. Sigh

    Glad your hip is on the mend. You'll need to be in fine fettle for your holidays. Lovely sea swimming in Turkey. The warm water will do you good!

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