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Running clothing

I was wondering if anyone has invested in running clothing?

I've just progressed to week 5 of the C25K, before I began I made sure I had the correct running shoes. I took myself of to Runners Needs during the sale and got a great pair. During my first run I got blisters, so I then bought anti blister socks as well as regular running socks. I also have two pairs of tights.

Yesterday I ran in the rain and my fleece got wet as it would. So I believe I deserve to get myself a decent running jacket for this weather as I'm enjoying this program.

Would anyone recommend a good one?

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People have mixed views about running jackets as you tend to get hot and sweaty in them. Have a look at some posts on this forum as its a regular topic. If you do decide to go for one, a cycling jacket is an option especially as they tend to be longer in the back.

My preference is for a long sleeved "technical" top which wicks away the moisture and a high viz running gilet, partly for the pockets for keys, phone, tissue, gloves etc but it gives some protection from the rain too.


HI! I am like Wilma; I have a running jacket but have only worn it once ( & I did c25K outside all through the snow and ice last winter, still finished each run hot ans sweaty with a beetroot face). If it is really pouring or that horrible damp that penetrates your bones I would think about wearing my soft shell Gore water resistant (but still breathable) light cycling jacket over my wicking T- shirt; but generally I feel once you're wet, you're wet, and as long as you are not getting too cold so what! Then the lovely warm/hot shower afterwards feels like a reward! :-)


Aldi have waterproof runners jackets coming up as specials in a few days time.

I don't use one because I reckon that I would get just as wet from the inside if I did. They might keep the wind out though.


I have bought a 'cheap' lightweight waterproof' jacket from Sports Direct. It is really not that breathable, and does need a wash when I get back. It does keep the worst of the wet off, and the wind out.


I invested in some thermal running tights & top and I also have some high wicking tops (long and short sleeve), normal tights (long and crop) as well as a very thin running jacket. I use the running jacket all the time at the moment as it stops the wind cutting through my top, it's only had to hold up to drizzle so far but yes, as wilmacgh points out they do get a little sweaty inside (doesn't bother me) I only paid £12.99 for mine, brand is 'More mile', maybe if I stick with this running malarkey I'd try a better brand but this serves me very well. I'd definitely recommend technical tops, again I bought 'more mile' brand from my local running store (2 for £15) they work really well and can be paired with a t-shirt over the top if it's a bit nippy outside.

Find what works best for you and also what your budget is, other than investing in shoes, I'm yet to be convinced to spend a fortune on branded gear (I hear Aldi do good stuff too).


I have a 'showerproof' jacket I rarely wear as it feels clammy, I guess it's a question of whether rain or being sweaty bothers you more. A while back I treated myself to a proper running jacket (Nike Dri fit) which I love, lightweight, warm without being sweaty, underarm mesh, longer sleeves with thumb holes in, zipped pockets, not waterproof but that's ok by me. It was pricey (for me!) at almost £40, but as it was last season's in the outlet shop it was cheaper still than full price - outlet shops are great if you have one nearby.


Thank you all for replying. I will need to rethink whether I need a jacket. I've seen so many online, I just don't know if they worth getting.


I got mine from Decathlon. It's light weight, breathable and I only wear it when the temperature is in single figures. It doesn't get clammy and only cost about £12. Was very good in the rain today. Not totally waterproof but keeps the worst off.



I got a lightweight running jacket for £9.99 on eBay - run365 was the make and I'm really happy with it. I just wear it over a vest top. Love the pockets, it keeps out the wind and is great in rain /drizzle (I don't mind getting wet, but prefer my iPhone to stay dry,which it did!)


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