w9r1 better!!

Thanks for your encouragement after my post of the awful w8r3 earlier in the week. Gave myself 2 days' rest then did w9r1 this morning. I decided to do the new route that I had found so difficult earlier in the week, and it was ok. Last time it felt like my arms and legs didn't belong to me - they just couldn't co-ordinate with each other. Today was much better. just 2 to go!!!

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  • Glad to hear your body parts hung together well for this run. Glad it went well and yes, you are very nearly there. Bet you are feeling great :)

  • Well done Bonnie, just 2 more runs......

    Happy running.

  • Merci. J'espere finir cette semaine. Peut-etre samedi

  • Alors bonne chance pour cette semaine!

  • Thanks, busy week ahead work wise so hope to finish next weekend

  • Almost there

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