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W9r1 - Monday Bl@:%dy Monday

W9r1 - Monday Bl@:%dy Monday

So as I misappropriated the lyrics from U2's classic as I was running I thought it appropriate to use it in my headline.

Day got off in a bad way - after an active weekend - I missed my alarm at 5:45 and missed my slot to do my run before needing to be back to get Kids/animals ready for the school run.

So put run off to later in the day, then my wife broke her glasses - great.....ker ching and our immersion heater which was supposed to be an easy fix - has now turned into a complete replacement job - great another hole in my wallet. So head not in the best place - and to top it feeling pretty achy after the Park Run on Saturday.

But in the end decided "bugger this for a game of soldiers" I need to get out and do my run - or it won't happen today. So out I went just at the moment the heavens opened. Great - soaked to boot.

So now I've got the moaning over with. The warm-up went well - helped stretch out any kinks I had, and when it came time to run slipped into a steady (if somewhat slower than usual) pace - I kept my run simple and just did 1km circuits of the pathways in one of my local parks (roads too busy at this time of day) until the 30 minutes were up. Felt fine - not overly exerted - not too sweaty and pretty comfortable. 2 runs to go!

(pic of my trainers - 6 runs completed in them - but still relatively new) I know I should have posted earlier - but had other pics to share at that time.

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Well done!! :) Sounds like an horrendous day so hats off to you for still going out. That would be enough to put anyone off. :)


Thank you - and the same right back 'atcha. Well done on completing W9r1.


Winner takes it all!!!

What a start to the day.... blimey.... and what a superb run... ! Go you for getting out there at all. It is so tempting to just say... no chance.. tomorrow.. but no!

You got those shoes on, ( very, very sassy by the way), and you blinking went out and you darned well did it!!!

Two runs to go...the badge is off the shelf...being polished as we speak... :)

Keep it slow and very steady and head up to that podium, in a cool relaxed way :) We will, of course be right there with you!


Nice shoes, nice job despite the distractions...


It's good to get out when you're feeling irritated by life 🙂🏃👍✔️

Love the shoes. I do like a pair of Nikes


A good solid run after a tetchy morning by the sound of it....hope you felt better after your run.... No, I know you did 😆...

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