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Tough W8R1

I went out for my 28 min W8R1 on Friday evening. A lovely evening with just a hint of rain. But what a tough one, the things going on in my head were crazy. I was back at school doing cross country and struggling at the back and very upset I was going to be last yet again! I even ran the phone call my brother made to my uncle the night my dad died and that was 28 years ago! Something was out to stop me on Friday night, but I dug in and pushed on, nothing was going to stop me plodding my 28 mins. Was overjoyed when I reached the end of it and hopeful it was a one off glitch and nothing negative will try and stop me when I venture out later today.

On a positive though, I did get to meet Julie and she brought a smile to my face (around the 5 min mark if I remember correctly). Nothing nasty about Julie though, I actually think I mostly don't actually listen to the music, it is just happening.

I'm nearly there planning what to do after I graduate (get me graduate, I can actually see that happening sometime within the next 2 weeks). My plan is to keep doing a 30 min, but to improve my pace to get much nearer to the 30min 5K.

Thanks to all you lovely posters on here giving advice and support

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Well done KP! It's strange how jumbled and random our running thoughts can be. Sometimes I think I am going mad. Stuff just seems to pop into your head from nowhere.

It's euphoria I expect. Too much oxygen across the brain or some such thing. Whatever it is, if it gets us through, then it's fine.

Yeah, get you!!!!! Nearly a Graduate that's what you are! Hang in there KP, take care and the finishing line is within spitting distance.


Well, you finished your run. Good for you!

Not long for that shiny new badge......

Happy running!


Well done on completing the run. Good luck with r2 and 3 :)


Someone on here calls them the mind gremlins, which is brilliant. They do need to be exterminated!

Not far to go before you graduate :-) keep going!


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