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Off and on the injury couch

I came off the injury couch this morning to repeat a Week 2 run.

My knee is still giving me trouble so looks like I'll be off to the GP to make sure there's nothing wrong.....

Still, the benefits are there. It's not yet 10 am and I've painted the bathroom and the bedroom ceiling. Also, three loaves baking away ready for 10:30.

My smile of the day was coming out of the forest at 7am, soaked, bedraggled and probably beetroot. Two tourists with umbrellas coming the other way. A couple of weeks ago, I would have given them a wide berth. This morning; "Umbrellas!! Wimps!!"

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I love running in the rain too. It is a wonderful program,isn't it? I think it helps as much mentally as it does physically. Hope the knees are all right.


Do please look after those knees. I've spent far too long on the injury couch with knee problems. Your run sounds fab though. What's not to like in a soaking wet run :)


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