A comfortable 30 minutes!

Tonight was my first "comfortable" 30 minute run. It still hurt, I still, at times, wanted to stop, but it was comfortable. And I know why - it was on a treadmill. I increased the speed from the setting I was using to make it a bit harder but I know that what I struggle with the most is not being able to regulate and maintain a steady pace when I'm running outside. Does anyone have any tips for maintaining a steady pace?


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  • Do you like listening to music, because one of the forums ages ago mentioned jog.fm where apparently you can download music that matches your kilometre run rate. As you know I'm a numpty runner so couldn't think of any other help, but I thought that sounded a really interesting way of regulating speed.

  • Agreed. Try the treadmill run again, check your Garmin for your cadence, and download a bpm app to help you find music that fits!

  • Get you with your flash Garmin - mine doesn't do that! :-)

  • Aaaaah...vivoSMART: I thought we had the same one! Sorryyyyyyy. Hey ho. Then what about these possibilities: 1) you calculate your steps per minute by taking a steps reading at the beginning and end, and dividing by the number of minutes you ran. 2) Download the bpm finder, run for a bit so you can get a sense of your rhythm, then stop and keep the rhythm going by tapping the bpm finder. Either one would at least give you a good starting point and something of a range for your muzak choices.

  • Sounds techie - but I'll have a look at it this evening. Maybe I'll just do a ten minute run or something - my pace tends to regulate and settle nicely after about five or six minutes - just for the purpose of this exercise! Thanks fuzbuz77

  • Shouldn't be too tricky. Good that you've got a sense of when your pace settles. Not sure if you're on iPhone or what but in case you are, this is the bpm counter I use. (Brilliantly, because it's for DJs, it'll also tell you if you're running at hardcore, grime, ambient, or any other dance music pace!!!)

    EDM BPM-BPM Counter for Electronic Dance Music DJs by Too Much Wasabi, LLC


  • Cool. I'm Android but I'll have a look in the Play store - more often than not they have the same apps. Thanks matey <3

  • I'll have a look at that - and that is a help :-)

  • I look forward to the replies on this. I have used the nike app for my last couple of runs and the graphs are all over the place. Glad that run felt more comfortable. There's hope for me yet!

  • The varying pace is definitely what causes me the problems. At the best of times I'm uncoordinated so if I have to speed up to cross a road or slow down to get past something, it kills me. When I'm on the treadmill I get into a nice rhythm and stop thinking about every single step.

  • Good for you i think i am still achy after every run!!! Recovery time quicker though 😊I recently downloaded spotify & its brilliant as it has running tracks & liads of different types of music that helps me . I must try the other one now! Varying routes though im not too good at that as i tun on a cycle path which is lovely as along the river so nice & peaceful! At the end of the day you are out running well done so whatever suits youbest is great👍🏃👍

  • Yes, I listen to Spotify when i'm running - maybe I need to think more carefully about the tracks on my playlist.

  • A lot of folk listen to audio books but I haven't tried that yet! 😊

  • Have you tried Stepping Stones? It has the benefit of Laura counting out the steps at various times. The music is pretty awful but after a while you zone out and just listen to the beat. It has helped me to run at a more consistent pace for 30mins.

  • It sounds dire! I need my music to drive me on but it certainly won't hurt me to give it a go - if I can regulate my pace then I may not actually need my music so much. Is Stepping Stones on the app?

  • It's probably not as bad as I make it sound! It's a podcast rather than in the app.

  • I'll give it a go! Thank you!

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