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The Longest Day (1962)

Well, the title says it all really! What a day.

So I had my ultrascan early this morning, 840, I had a drive of about 30 minutes and a friend kindly said I could park at his and walk to the hospital, a 10 minute stroll. A good plan.

I like being early for everything and especially for this as you can imagine! So last night I set the alarm for 630. That would give me lots of time for shower, breakfast, copious amounts of tea, etc. and I would leave about 715.

You know what it's like when you have to get up early. You toss and turn and keep looking at the clock, afraid you'll sleep in and miss that all important meeting/ flight/appointment. That's what happened last night. Eventually, when I looked at the clock and it said 615 I thought I might as well get up. I was showered, dressed and about to go downstairs for breakfast when my hubby stirred. "Why are you up so early?". I said "I'm only 15 minutes earlier". Hubby said " it's half five!" No, no,no. When I looked closer at the clock it did say 530 and not 6 bloody 30.

So I went back to bed for an hour. Well you would, wouldn't you?

Roll on 715. I kiss hubby goodbye and .... "Where are the car keys?". Can't find them anywhere. Hubby is helping me look (he's naked). It's hilarious now but at the time we were a bit frantic. We can't find them anywhere but luckily find the spare key so I rush out and away I go.

Traffic is ok thank goodness. I'm making good time. But half way through the journey all of a sudden I feel the need to (ahem) search for a bathroom! It must have been the bean stir fry and 2 peaches I ate last night! Oh dear. Now we talk a lot here about running being mental as well as physical. Well let me tell you, for the rest of the journey I tried to forget the physical and let my mind keep my dignity in place! It was hard but I managed it!

Anyway, got to my friends, no need to go into detail, had a quick cuppa and walked off to the hospital.

Long, long story shorter now (if you're still reading this, well done). The ultrascan showed nothing. No injury, nothing wrong with the joints or tendons, a little edema but nothing! I then asked the consultant the most important question,

"Can I run?". And he said,

He said,

" yes but take it easy". I could have hugged him!

He said " six weeks isn't a long time in medical terms" ( I've had swelling for 6 weeks) to which I replied " it is if you're a runner!". He obviously isn't.

Because the scan showed nothing he gave me an x-Ray too, which showed nothing!

But I can run! I can run!

I'm now dying to get out there but we have family staying this weekend and maybe into Tuesday too so the earliest I'll be able to run is Tuesday or Wednesday. I will start off very slowly. Maybe do 5 minutes and see how my foot fares.

I have a follow up with the doctor on Tuesday to see what the next step is because clearly there is still a problem with my toes. So I'm still a medical mystery!

I did think of you all today and really appreciate your good wishes. I did feel the good vibes, so thank you for your support and understanding!

Will keep you posted on " the first run back".

Sorry this is so long but it really has been the longest day!

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I know exactly how you feel, its been weeks since I have had a run, the frustration is unbelievable. take it easy and good luck hope it goes well for you. :)


Oh Oldgirl isn't it a pain? Good luck to you too. Thanks for your wishes.


Well, thank goodness it's nothing serious ! Look forward to hearing how you get on when you do your test run. Good luck.


Thanks henpen. Am much relieved. Can't wait for that first run.


So pleased to hear its wrong but also sorry you have no answers, the medical mystery continues. Good luck and enjoy you first run on Tuesday or Wednesday.


A friend has strange symptoms on her arm which doctors can't diagnose either. We're thinking of starting an "unsolved medical mystery" support group! Thank you for your wishes.


Great news. I must admit, when you were describing searching for the car keys with your naked husband, that an image popped into my head showing the keys hanging from a certain part of your husbands anatomy!!!! Why that image popped into my mind I can't begin to explain. What I can say though is that I quickly sent that image packing :)


Ooh Paul you are awful...... but I like it!

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Good luck Tuesday/Wednesday with your foot, hope it goes well and you manage to get back into your stride :)


Thank you for your reply. It might take a while but I can't wait!


So glad you can run! Enjoy it when you get back to it next week. X :-)


Gosh I can't believe this news would mean so much to me! What has happened? Thank you for your wishes.


I told you it would be nothing but swollen toes! Ha ha

Well done Princess!!!! So, back to running then. Yee hah!

Bean stir fry is good running fuel I find. Certainly made you go!


Nurse wobble was right! The stir fry was delicious but next time I'll give the 2 peaches a miss!


Well, that's good news. Hope your run on Tuesday goes well. Take care.


Thank you frannyfran.


Yay princess! So glad that you'll now be back to running! My thought is that there can't be TOO much of a problem if the scan and x-ray revealed nada! Anyway, enjoy your weekend with your friends and POST when you've been out....this is a cliff hanger!!


Our visitors are my step daughter and her 2 kids, a 2 year old and a 4 year old! So I'll probably be fit for bed when they've gone never mind going for a run! Thanks for your wishes.


Glad you can start up running again. Take it easy though


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