Couch to 5K

The day that time stood still

It started off like any other run. Laura calmly instructed the beginning of the five minute warm up walk. Little did I know that I would soon be trudging along on the run that time forgot.

I got into a rhythm and ran for a good 15 minutes when I heard Laura say that I'd done 5. I glared at the ipod (though what good I thought that would do I have no idea). I checked with the clock on the tedium machine, and the treacherous piece of kit agreed with my chronologically inaccurate mentor. I just had to accept that I had indeed only run for 5 meagre minutes. I ran for another 15 before checking the clock. Nooooo, that can't be right, just 14 minutes in total, and I thought I was nearly done. A few minutes of foot slogging later I checked once more. Still just 14 minutes! How can that be, no time has passed at all? By now I was starting to realise that I had in fact entered some kind of freaky sci-fi time warp and could be on this 28 minute run for the rest of eternity, but the legs were coping and the breathing fine, so I decided to battle on. I started singing a favourite song and would not under any circumstances allow my eyes to flick in the direction of the clock until I'd got through the entire lyric. Never has a song taken so very long to sing, clearly the time distortion was affecting music too (though calling my singing whilst jogging 'music' is a stretch even for sci-fi).

Somehow, at some point, I must have broken free of the time distortion, because finally, around 3 hours after starting my run I heard Laura claim that I'd reached the 28 minute mark. I don't know how I escaped, I'm just thankful that I did. Be careful all you C25K runners out there, you don't want to enter the eternal run zone...

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This really made me smile. I've had similar experiences. I find its better to run outside because I have things to distract me from the tedium!


I think that time-distortion might move around. I've definitely been in it! (not a Dr Who fan are you? I can imagine him crash-landing and causing millions of runners to spend a year running a 30 min run... ;-) )

This made me laugh. You have a way with words there.


Thanks lizfish, and well spotted - I do like a bit of Dr Who, particularly the fabulous David Tennant aka Perfect 10.


Lol! I know exactly what you mean, been in one of those "eternal run zones" a few times myself. :)


:) I'll look out for that.


hahahaha well said. I've been there too, but had also wondered if I was alone. I'd thought about ringing the UFO hotline until I read they'd closed it down ( .

I was pretty sure something odd was going on but couldn't explain it.

Do you think that Laura is "one of them"!?!?!? arghhhhh


Have fun and keep it up, I am sure that the next one will sail past without you feeling like you even warmed up.


He he he! Had that myself a few times. I find imagining David tennent is just ahead really helps to keep me moving! ;-)


I've been there... on my first 25 minute run I was convinced I must have run for longer than that when Laura popped up and said 'just another 5 minutes'. Whhhhhaaaaaaat?! Surely not. It hasn't happened again since but you did make me chuckle.


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