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W9R2- Back to grinding it out

After enjoying W9R1 as it was my first ' good run' since the long ones began, I was back to grinding it out tonight. It was windy and raining and I didn't feel like I had much in my legs. In fact I felt like I was going so slowly that the slugs and snails were passing me for much of it. Bizarrely I ran further tonight ( 3.37k in the 30 minutes) than I did on Tuesday when I felt good.

I've asked hubby how that can be, and he said he had the same conversation at work earlier this week with some of his running mates, and none of them could work out why this happens either.

Seems like it's just another of the weird and wonderful things about running.

One to go - fingers crossed for Saturday!

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Good omen eh- you did well even though it felt rubbish- chin up and enjoy that graduation run (if you can!)


Thankyou. I'm hoping for some slightly better weather - I opened the front door and shut it again, before I decided I was ready so I might as well get myself out there!


Sometimes there is no logic to this running thing. But you're nearing graduation so you're doing brilliantly!


Thankyou. Still can't believe I've got this far!


I feel your pain - my legs are simply very tired. I did 3 runs a week for 9 weeks, no breaks, no repeats and then I went straight into 30-minute runs and 5k runs , still 3 times a week. My colleagues are all advising I back off a bit because my lunchtime run yesterday was a real slog, but strangely I managed 4.6k in 35 mins, which is a good pace for me. But it felt SO hard!

Perhaps we could both do with a little break! Just finish your graduation run first!! 😊


You have definitely been a busy runner! Maybe a week off would help - give those legs a rest and they might be raring to go again!

My legs felt really tired last night. We don't have a car and it's been a busy week, with lots of walking and bus journeys, which haven't helped my knees at all.

I'm hoping they'll have settled down a bit by tomorrow night so that I'll be able to enjoy my graduation run.

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