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Oh No, sore leg

I ran W7R2 on Saturday evening in the pouring rain. Everything went well and nothing hurt. But Sunday my left thigh kept getting painful in spasms, sort of like cramp. Obviously wasn't planning a run Sunday so that was OK. Was supposed to run Monday, but leg still on and off sore so gave it a miss. Also had to give it a miss last night. It's OK most of the time, but occasionally I get a spasm. Really really want to give it a go tonight, thought I would give it a try and not be hard on myself if I don't reach the magical 25 mins. Is this what everyone else would do? TBH I'm quite scared of stopping my schedule in case I don't manage to pick it up again.

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This is NOT medical advice so the decision is yours (my standard disclaimer)...

If it was me, I would probably "give it a go". Go super slow to begin with and if there is pain while you run then you should stop. You may find as you warm up that the muscle is fine (sounds like a pinched nerve or something)... when you get back, get some ice on it ASAP as a pre-emptive move.... Listen to your body and take it easy... If it hurts when you run, don't keep running through it... aches are okay, pain isn't...

Good luck!


Thank you Aussie, I'm waiting for it to cool a bit and then off for a gentle jog to 'run it off'. Fingers crossed it goes well, it not I'll be calling for a lift home.


Me too. I always try and "run it off" You will know soon enough if you are capable of carrying on

Please make sure you warm up and cool down properly and that you take your day's break between runs. You have to build up your body to make it strong enough to support your running. Are you doing any strengthening exercices, walking, swimming, cycling etc etc as well as running. A bit of yoga is also very good for runners. They all help to get our overall fitness levels up


I do a bit of casual cycling with the children but nothing else really. I have been taking my rest breaks and taking things slowly and I'm really enjoying myself. I have had this type of thing before came and went within a few days, I had it before from surfing, so I think I must have twisted my hip in a funny way. I also suffer when I wear really flat shoes and stand for a long time - Saturday saw me in my Converse 'plimsols' standing serving at a School BBQ all afternoon.

I think the time has come for new trainers! Yippee a shopping trip is coming.

Also might give yoga a go, have done it before after pregnancy and know the effects it can have.


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