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Oh no Run 2 :(

Hi all... I'm a complete newbie to running but I'm really trying to give this a go! I've just finished week 2 run 2 and seem to find the second run of the week much harder than the first or third.

Although I'm not especially over weight (size 14, about a stone to lose) my fitness level is awful. My fitness level was tested by my gym about 3 years ago and the instructor told me I had a fitness of a 94 year old woman! (Most 94 year old women are probably much fitter than me!!)

I know it's early days but I'm starting to not look forward the second run of each week! I really struggle with breathing and feel like I have 'heavy' legs. However run 1 and 3 seem to be slightly better.

Really don't want to lose motivation - perhaps I just need to focus on the 'good' runs!

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Keep going! You can, and will, do it - I did! Well done for making the decision to start; every time you finish a week the sense of achievement will propel you onto the next, and before you know it - you'll have a lovely green badge!


If your new to except use or just running its bound to be hard as your body adjusts. I found the early weeks the most difficult even though I already did regular I had never run and it was hard. However stick with it it does ( surprisingly) get easier. I'm about to start week 8 and yo be honest I'm not sure I ever believed I'd actually get this far but I have. If your really struggling you can always add a run in so do 4 runs from one week rather than 3 then move on. Well done for starting you can definately do it. Just look at all the other people on here, we all started off where you are now


Sorry I meant exercise


I have just finished week 6, but initially I could barely manage the sixty second intervals. (I am a size 16 with a couple of stones to lose.) Now I find it much easier to keep going, albeit at a snail's pace, because it is when I slow to a walk that it hurts most!

Even now, I find the first couple of minutes absolute torture and I am sure I will have to stop, but I think it really is a case of mind over matter!

Well done for getting started - it does get easier!


Keep going. You've taken the hardest step which is to start. We all find different parts of the programme challenging (for me it was r3 usually) but there is always someone here who can pass on their experience and support. Most people seem to find their breathing sorts itself out on it's own but in the mean time just try and relax and breathe deeply as you run.


Thank you all for your supportive comments. It's so encouraging to hear that others have struggled but made it through to the next stage! I think I might have to repeat a run in week 2 but I'm determined to keep going. Many thanks.


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