Week 9 run 6!

It seems a common question here as to what to do after the c25k program is complete, and I like others was not quite sure what to do. For the time being I'm repeating week 9 to keep some continuity, and it's frankly pretty hard, are there better ideas out there that people have adopted? Also interested in whether shorter runs more frequently is better that longer less frequent ones. Appreciate any ideas :)


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  • After a couple of weeks consolidating w9, people often try increase either their distance or their speed. There are loads of programmes out there to choose from or some people just devise their own, often along the lines of a short quick run; a 30min or 5k (depending on what distance you're doing at the moment) run and then a longer run once a week where you increase your distance by 10%. Alternatively, there are the c25k+ podcasts. Whatever you choose, make sure you don't try do too much too soon or you'll end up visiting the injury couch, as so many of us can attest. Good luck and happy running.

  • I repeated week 9 till I was really sick of it, about a month of going 2-3 times a week. I enrolled with Parkrun which is great. I tried the graduate runs but didn't get on with stepping stone at all. I liked speed which is intervals. I try to do speed run every couple of weeks and increase my overall pace each time. I also do one run of 5k trying to improve pace but I've enrolled in a 10k (november morun in Leeds if anyone else doing it) and trying to use ny 3rd run of tge week to increase distane by 10% a week. I am desperately trying to push through as I've reached a plateau with fitness and hopeful the 10 will inspire me. I do the parkrun without music and enjoy running with others

  • I did, and still do, the stepping stones podcasts, and bridge to 10 k with sami murphy, which i downloaded here

  • I listen to the zombies run app, so I aim to go out three times a week to get the next bit of my story, doing a long run (building on 5k) a short run and a parkrun. I am deciding if I want to build up to 10k or work on speed, I am leaning towards 10k. I might try the graduate podcasts as well and see what they are like

  • I know that we don't run to impress anybody but ourselves -- BUT what would impress our friends the most IF we were to tell them about our running.?? . Doing a 5K 5 minutes faster than I currently can wouldn't impress them, I don't think -- but if I could say (quite nonchalantly of course) that I have just come in from a 10K run!!! :)

  • It all depends on where you want to go with your running. My wife is happy to run 5k two or three times per week and is slowly seeing her time come down. I do two 5ks during the week and a longer run at the weekend. Getting more miles on your legs does improve all aspects of your running. Keep increases in distance/endurance to 10% per week unless you are very fit. The increasing longer runs give you the benefit of having a weekly PB for distance and you will probably see an improvement in your 5k times too. It really does build your stamina and your 30 minute runs will get easier, if you maintain your pace and don't push too hard. I wouldn't increase the frequency of runs beyond every other day until you have built up your running and core musculature, which is reckoned to take about a year of regular running. Parkrun is highly recommended to motivate your running.

    Try running in different places and challenge yourself with hills but remember to run for pleasure. Leave all the stats behind every now and then and run for fun.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks very much for the response, as ever it's very helpful. I think you're advice is spot on, and you're right, I'm seeing my times start to come down. I think I'll probably consolidate for a few months and then probably try your approach. Thanks again, much appreciated.

  • I've been doing Week 9 for three weeks now and have pretty much decided to train for a 10K race in London at the end of September with a few Park runs before then to practise running with other people. I tried the 5K+ podcasts but find the beat hard to follow and the music not even as good as C25K. I've found a few different 10K training plans and am hoping my daughter will create a lovely running playlist for me! The main thing seems to be to keep running three times a week - good luck!

  • Thanks very much, your approach makes a lot of sense. I think I'll consolidate for a bit longer. Good luck with the 10k :)

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