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This evening's 4 mile "easy" recovery run (needed wellies!)

Did speed work with running group last night (not brilliant tbh, this was the first time I have felt wheezy when running for about 6 months, my asthma had all but disappeared, and I had to go to car to get my asthma pump part way through). I am preparing for a 10 mile multi terrain event in late November so my personal trainer (ie my marathon running big sis Fran) suggested an "easy" recovery run (a WHAT . . ?) this evening.

I couldnt wait! I dashed home from work, went home and changed and picked up Boy the Bedlington terror, drove 5 mins to the Aberdulais canal basin to run along the canal path between the Tennant canal and the river Neath, as it is usually a bit more sheltered when the wind is so gusty.

It wasn't meant to be dark for another hour and half but it was so gloomy already!

Sploshed up the canal path for 2 miles (at several points the canal had burst its banks and was gushing water over the path, into the river). Had a great laugh, splashing around like a very large child! Once you resign yourself to getting soaked feet etc, then it's quite liberating!

Had to put the Boy on his lead for the middle 2.5m as the perverse farmer had decided to swap the cows that normally live in one of the fields beside the canal for sheep .

I don't usually run with the dog on a lead, especially since big (marathon running) sis fell over her own dog and fractured her cheekbone in March, but he was really really good, but I found I had to watch my pace as his natural pace is a bit faster than mine (only cos he doesnt like the rain and wanted to get back to the car, usually he stops every other blade of grass to sniff and wee!).

The only other people out were two fishermen. They looked at me like I had several screws loose, but my thoughts were "fancy standing round in the cold and wet when you could be running and getting (very) warm!"

The last mile my legs were tired, but I really enjoyed. And I feel as smug as smug can be!

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That sounds like a fun run. I bet all the different things made the run seem more enjoyable & go quicker.

I've never heard about the running with dog on lead/accidents but a fractured cheekbone sounds awful! My dog won't hardly even go outside when it rains, he goes on strike and refuses to move :(


He sounds like mine - considering he's supposed to be a ruffty-tuffty Irish Terrier with a waterproof coat, he's bloody hopeless. As for dog on lead accidents, he's had me flying when he stopped right in front of me for a sniff all of a sudden. I sailed through the air and ended up flat on my face in the mud (no spectators fortunately). Had to limp home soaked and muddy and couldn't move my shoulder properly for about a fortnight afterwards (plus I was sporting some lovely purple ribs). Gave up trying to run with him after that!




Nice blog Deryn and what sounds like a really interesting run.


Boy the Bedlington is adorable! Hope you are all dried out now, you deserve to be smug, well done!


You should be feeling quite smug!! I have read some of your postings and you have came quite far! :-) you have such an adorable, furry running partner too!!! Thank you for always having such a positive outlook!


My thanks to all for their lovely comments

Andrea x


Sounds great! My run yesterday wasn't quite the one I'd hoped for as the sheep have arrived back on the river meadows, so springer on lead and I do slip in mud sometimes if she pulls. As she's not had any off lead walks for a few days I stopped running whilst she played with other dogs but it was proving a difficult run and I actually feel I might not have otherwise kept going to the end of the stamina podcast if I'd not had that distraction.

I love running in wet underfoot conditions, so I really enjoyed reading about the fun you had. Although I did lose the dog once when she'd gone off to investigate a compelling scent and I forgot dogs can't track in water.


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