Running with a dog - highly recommended!

Accidentally had a 40 minute run yesterday (am supposed to be doing week 8) because I took my parent's beautiful little whippet-y dog. Haven't run with canine company before, and would highly recommend it for amusement value if nothing else. It went something like this...

"oh, swans. I like swans. Let's chase...oh-f*ck-they're-really-big-I-must-wrap-myself-around-your-sweaty-legs-in-canine-terror. Oh, Ok. They're gone. OK. I like running. You've nearly done 30 minutes without stopping? Go you! Must mean it's time for me to do an enormous poo on top of the concrete dinosaur sculpture. You know. The one children play on. That's it; you stop running and pick it up - I'll just skip up here while you're busy and roll in something. Goose poo. Yum. Why are you shouting? Do you realise you are wearing lycra and running along shouting 'No rolling! No rolling!' with a bag of warm excrement swinging from your hand? Because that man on a bicycle does and he is laughing so hard he's in danger of falling off. Let's go then. Oh. Oh. This is where my actual full time owners were when we set off. I do not believe you One Bit when you tell me they're no longer there. I am going to freeze in the middle of the pavement and whimper. In fact, the only way you will get me to move is by pretending it's a game and running again. Even though you are knackered and your thighs are crying. All the way home. And you're going to let me carry my own lead in my mouth, but you won't care because you will quite literally be blinded by your own sweat, and I am partly whippet so I won't even pant."


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8 Replies

  • Hahaha! Oh dear. A fun companion definitely and maybe even a great personal trainer., look what he got you to achieve! I'm still giggling at the poo on the dinosaur.. Have a good rest day..or2 ...or3 :) x

  • He is a fab companion; impossible to feel bad about running when you have a happy dog in front of you :)

  • Haha. Great post :) 40 minutes on w8? I'll have to borrow that dog ;)

  • Ah! He sounds like trouble - and a bundle of fun. Enjoy!

  • Lol! Brightened my night shift up; I'd love to have a dog that enthusiastic to run with - ours is 37kg of slobbering, ball loving, stay away from my owners, part bull mastiff, so when she wants to stop we have no choice!

  • Haha, he's still really young but has the loveliest nature (he's just glad to be alive, I think. Infectiously so.) and is shaping up to be a really good dog. Pretty proud that a less-than-1-year-old would run half an hour in a nature reserve (ducks! other dogs! water! mud! squirrels! etc) off the lead and only stop when he was upset that my mum wasn't there. Quite keen to kidnap him, but I work long hours and don't have enough garden :(. Happy running, all.

  • Ha this made me giggle. Very familiar! My dog pulled me off my bike a couple of years ago, so I've been reluctant to take her out running, but when I did last week I had to shout at her to slow down (she was on the lead), and my daughter, who was riding her bike in front, said I sounded ridiculously loud and as if I was shouting at myself :-)

  • I run with my Labradors and they are a joy, and sometimes a pain but I love the company. :)

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