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Yippeeeee at last graduated from B210K programme :))))))))))

Finally had some nice spring weather today so decided to do my final run on Samantha Murphy's B210K programme. Ran 30 mins walked 1 min and ran 30 mins reached 8.94 km so decided to continue running back to my car to reach the 10km.Final time 10km in 1hr 8 mins,the furthest I have ever ran.My legs still feel like lead and climbing up/down stairs is painful lol!

Future goals:

Continue one 10k run per week trying to improve time.

Do one interval 5k run per week to increase speed/stamina.

Continue Body Pump and Spin classes to mix it up in between.

To think this time last year I embarked on this journey and never dreamed I would have made it this far.So chuffed :))

Keep running everybody!!

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AWESOME! Fantastic news!!!! Great time also!!! I am 1 run away from "graduating" my 10K and I will be at about an hour and 15 minutes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the deserve it!!! :-) Congratulations, again! :-) Gayle


Thank You :)) I'm a Gayle too!


We Gayle's are pretty cool!!! ;-)


CONGRATULATIONS!! Excellent, I'm so glad you made it :)


go Gayle (and Gayle :-) ) -that is an excellent time (in my humble opinion) WELL DONE!


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