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Graduated!!! What next?

Like many others, I had no belief on week 1 that I would be able to run for 30 minutes! The programme has been fantastic and I'm now healthier than I've ever been in the last 20 years.

Rather than run outdoors, I attend a gym and use a treadmill, and whilst I maintain a constant speed, it can be quite tedious!!

I'd like to hear from others who also used a gym to keep fit and achieve the C25K, to find out how they maintained their fitness once they graduated - did you go onto C210K, or a different running strategy to keep the excitement in running.

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Congratulations on your graduation and looking for the next step. I wonder why you are only wanting to run in the gym, it is so tedious. Outside is your next challenge, it's so different. I have done both and would not say that one is any easier than the other just different.

Outside will give you a completely different work out, the wind and rain are exilarating you will have to deal with uneven pavements, going round puddles and hills not to mention so many other things. Whilst concentrating on this your run will be done without even the thought about when is this going to end. Then you could consider entering a 5 k event and get a medal for your achievement.

The outside world is your oyster go get it.


Thanks mrslazy

I will start running outside, as suggested. My failing so far is the need to have my iPhone with me, so Laura was coaching me through the run. When it rained I didn't want to risk damaging my phone, so stuck with the gym to ensure I finished the programme.

Now that it's done, I'll venture to something new, and like your description of the great outdoors!


Check out Sports Direct for a karrimor belt thing for your iPhone/iPod. It cost me £3.99 in the sale (I think, anyway not much more). It's waterproof and comfortable to wear. I'm sure lots of other places have them or something similar for not much money. Might be handy for outdoor running in the wind, rain, snow, ice, more rain........! On second thoughts you might want to stay in the gym!


Thanks oona, I have a store nearby, I'll check it out this week.


Congratulations graduate!!!!!!! I bet you do feel amazing! Wishing you continued running success!!!! Now you need your badge!!!!


Thanks gdeann!


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